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Help gearing my rogue (combat)

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Hi all sry for my bad english im french ...


I have benn played rogue since woltk and on Foundry patch for wod expansion

And i need some help for my weapon


I saw taht in Aoe situation equip a dager in MH was better for poison proc and MS

Is this  optimisitation still viable


Cause i see a lot aof big rogues with MH Slow OH fast like in Tlk u know and the other were in 2 slows


Some people on my serv said check only ilvl equip the higher ilvl weapon as MH


this is my armory link if it can help U : http://eu.battle.net/wow/fr/character/elune/Alcapwned/simple


Have a dagger 695 and a Axe 685 dhould i equipe the axx for mono situation due to higher plage dmg scaling on yellow hits ??


and for aoe/cleaving my dagger seems to be the best no??


again sorry for my poor english

And ty btw


See u soon



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The Dagger is only good for main hand when you have 3+ mobs that will be alive for over a minute, but the damage gain is marginal at that point. 


It is generally better to just keep your slow main hand with the highest dps offhand possible

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Hi ty of ur answer

But un my case i hâve ATM a 695 dagger and a 685 slow weapon so what should i équip as mh?

Second question when i read the topic about rogue combat i see that we hâve to keep the dot of crimson tempest in aoe situations

Can u explain me that? should i reapply the dot with pblm 5 cb or when Its fade until the num et of cb ?

I do bot talk about the 6 target + wherr Its bécome ur primary finisher

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You keep CT DoT when the 6+ mobs will live for at least 12s to take full damage from it. And yes, 5CP.


As for weapon, AFAIK you use the higher ATK on your main hand.

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U make an error or u dont understand me wich is possible the number of targets 6+ Is used on the guide for main spender

And i dont talk about 6 targets but less.. In this case how should use ct cause the guide said since 2 target maintain ct dot so un this ça se should i dont care of 5combos point and just keep focus on the duration of the dot and refresh ou when or expires ?

And for the weapon dorment understand when u say higher damage u talk about dps or plage damage

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