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icy veins brewmaster's guide

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I'm a little bit confused with your brewmaster's guide in sections 2.Enchants and 4.Summing-up Profession Perks.

e.g. you say in (2) that I should add Enchant Ring - Greater Stamina (Enchanting) but in (4) you advice to Enchant Ring - Greater Agility. Same to Shoulders and Legs.

offtopic, why is mr robot advising me to gear up full on stamina?


I apologize for the inconsistency. Section 4 is in error, and I'll fix it right now. Basically, you want the Stamina/tank enchants, not the agility ones. Mr. Robot is advising Stamina gearing across the board. While this is viable, and there's only a small actual difference between this and gearing for other stats, for now we aren't advising that much Stamina.

Thank you.

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I've seen this in practice before, and I've chosen strict agi. Although I've had to swap back to my Ret for raiding due to raid comp issues, I came in on an undergeared Brewmaster to OT for a week. We cleared MSV, HoF, and Terrace with little trouble. Our MT is a monk, and he tends to go for more stam. But on Empress adds, for example, I was able to take a lot less dmg than he, and I believe some of it has to do with the agi choice.

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