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692 mm hunt cant push 30 35 k dps

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Hi, it doesn't surprise me much since your gear may have some ilvl but, as youre probably aware of, is made up of pretty random stuff. Meaning it appears to be whatever you got as the highest ilvl for the slot first. Think of it as lots of places to improve. Your trinkets are pretty bad, mark of doom is close maybe just ilvl 600 in terms of dps gain and the dragonspine trophy isn't that good for MM either. Though maybe not be as bad without a 4p t18 setbonus. Setboni should over time give you a nice boost. In general your gear should have a lot more crit on it especially to regain some focus and make the "rotation" run smoother, 25% is really low for a mm.
Maybe check again on Azorthians hunter guide to get a better understanding of both the gear and the gameplay. You could also use askmrrobot.com to check if maybe some lower item lvl things you may have may actually better for dps than what youre wearing right now.

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