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HPally looking for advanced assistance

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Hi all,


I just came back to Holy Paladin recently as my raid was having issues recruiting one.  I pull okay numbers and I think I've got the idea down to be decent at best, but I want to improve as I feel like my numbers are still pretty low for my gear.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.








Please note that I raid with two guilds.  My main guild is 12/13 nHFC and 6/13 hHFC.

The guild I help with is currently 12/13 hHFC.

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From what I can see in the logs, you are doing everything right. I would only make one major change. You only need 25% crit buffed in order to have the HS crits. You could drop your crit enchants and go into haste which would up your heals. Also try to get Demonic Phylactery asap.


You out gear norms by quite a bit, so you should feel like you are smashing through it pretty easily. For heroic try to stay away fro LoD as much as possible unless you have wings up, and you know it won't go to waste.


Do you feel like you are you struggling in heroic? You have to remember to look at both your healing done and overhealing. Your healing isn't low. You are running with a disc and a sham on most of those fights. Discs will take a lot of the raid dmg down if they are playing right. A sham is just stupid OP when it comes to raid healing. So you are left with the tanks (which everyone else is also healing) and picking up players when they get spike dmg. If other healers have something like penance up, they are going to beat you to picking that player up. 


You are doing good for your gear. I would just drop some crit for haste in your case since you are healing with shamans. Or you could go mastery and be like a back up disc. There are 2 very different play styles when it comes to pally. From the logs it looks like you are trying to be a raid healer with how much you use HR. Which is fine, but if you want to do that then you should drop hast and go more mastery. Decide on what your groups really need. You've got a good healing comp on both of your teams. Find the weakness and alter your playstyle to fit.


I don't really know why you feel your numbers are low from these logs. Are you having trouble on a boss? Maybe put some logs up from your progression pulls in heroic? On norm, the only one I see slacking is the shammy Kyranna. They are holding you down a bit but with your gear it really shouldn't matter. You are doing really good. Just keep up with what you are doing.

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Thank you so much for taking a look!  I usually do opt for haste after a certain break point but I guess I was looking at 25% unbuffed.  I will likely swap to haste now.  I do have the ilvl 695 Demonic Phylactery but was thinking the leech trinket (Unstable Felshadow Emulsion) was a better option.  I just recently swapped out the Phylactery for my Libram of Vindication which I just obtained a week ago.


I do feel quite comfortable in the normal runs as it is my guild that I'm leading through there so I'm not nervous/uptight like I am when I fill in for the group pushing for Mythic.  I do feel like I am struggling when I go with the other guild to heroic as I normally am the lowest in heals and I feel like a good holy pally should be near the top with the disc priest.


I guess the style of healing I've been going for is mostly relying on beacon for the tanks and raid healing until tank dmg gets spikey and then I mainly tank heal.  I do try to stack absorbs on the tanks when no damage is going out.  


My main concern is my performance on Heroic Archimonde.  I knew my performance was lacking and on another site, a few members commented on how I'm not healing enough on it.  I've tried a few things and here is the last log of attempts I tried with them (note, i was only there for half the attempts)


Admittedly, the numbers will likely be skewed as their disc priest was having network issues and we brought in a weaker substitute.  I changed my style a bit this raid but it's hard to tell if it made any progress, again because the disc priest wasn't there which will affect me greatly.


Is Archimonde just a tough fight for pallies?  I don't want to make excuses, but I feel like anytime I have to run out for something (chaos, chains, allure etc) that I'm mostly useless aside from prism and HS.  Any tips for this?


Thank you again!

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