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MM hunter issues DPS

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If at all possible, posting logs would greatly help to analyze.


I'm a 700ilvl hunter and another guildie I raid with is at 699, but we're consistently 8-10k apart.  One of the most important things to remember when in MM is the Sniper Training.  Obviously the more mastery you have, the more damage you're going to get out of it, but making sure you always have that buff active is EXTREMELY important.


Not only does it increase your damage, it also increases your crit damage.


Utilizing pots by pre-potting and lining up another pot with a Rapid Fire later in the fight, or if there is a delayed hero, lining it up with that.  If you have "use" trinkets, lining those up with the usage of Rapid Fire, Heroism/Lust/Warp/AncientHysteria, and agi pots.


Also understanding that Aimed Shot is a big priority until the boss drops below 80% (unless you have the 4pc set bonus) is important.  Never waste focus on an Aimed Shot if you're going to have to delay your Chimera.  


All in all though, to me what makes the most different with MM is controlling movement and making sure my buff for sniper training is always active.

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