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Having issues with Xhul? Fire getting all out of hand? Here is an easy strat to make Xhul a tank and spank.


The trick is to think differently and orientate the map 90 degrees. Place green at the stair side, and purple at the Xhul side. You pull the boss on the runway from left to right from P2 till P4. You will reach the end of the runway at P4, there you just stack and continue to bring fire at the right side. No need to clear. The fire blows up behind the raid as you move.



No clearing required. Here is a video:


Logs included.


P1: Stack fire tightly, ontop of each other at the corner of the stairs.


Range stack nicely beside the fire, move left when the fire spreads out too closely.


P2: During transition, use the range position to lure the void fiends to spawn right next to the green fire. Everyone else move to the far left to start the "Runway" strategy.


1 person stay behind in the original range position by the fire. 

Purposely set off a purple fire next to the green fire by standing in the fiend's vortex. 

Once the fire is dropped you will get a debuff from purple. Leave the purple fire to spread to green to explode.



You will now have a purple debuff, take that debuff, and go to the the stair area and pop the green fire that is spreading over the stairs. Make sure to use personal defense CD.


You will not have any green fire when the sequences of explosions happened.


The rest of the raid will go down the runway as needed. If you kill fiends fast enough, you won't get much purple fire.


In P3, take the fire to the stair side, take the void to the xhul side.


P4, stack it up nice and neat at the end of the runway.


Have fun tank and spanking


Eulogy is recruiting for day time raiding: http://eulogy-illidan.enjin.com/

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