Soulburn & Soulswap macro trouble

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Hi there,

Thanks for the Affliction tips topic, very useful :-)

I'm using the Soulburn/Soulswap macro and it works most of the time. However sometimes it *removes* all my dots from the target instead of (re)applying them. I think Soulburn also stays active when it happens. I do have enough Soul Shards at that moment.

Is this a known issue?

#showtooltip Soul Swap/cast Soulburn/cast Soul Swap
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It is, and it was supposed to be addressed with 5.1. I'm about 90% sure that the issue is trying to use it too quickly. Soulburn isn't on the global cooldown, but Soul Swap is. Something is interacting between the two and making it so that instead of doing a SB:SS to apply all DoTs, you're inhaling any existing DoTs making you unable to use SB:SS on the target as you cannot exhale DoTs onto a target you inhaled them from. I've made this issue better by not spamming my button when I want to apply them and instead making sure my GCD has happened.

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This won't solve your problem, but it helps when it does happen

#showtooltip Soul Swap

/cancelaura soul swap

/cast Soulburn

/cast Soul Swap

(Or even just use a modifier with /cancelaura soul swap /cast soul swap so you don't need to burn another SS)

The extra line will cancel the aura if you've just wasted it, this helps instead of right clicking. I guess you could try a /stopcasting as well? I only figured out cancelaura last night so I'm yet to experiment with the rest of it XD

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