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Why do people say MS is better than crit in PVP

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I thought MS only has a chance to deliver 2 extra attacks in PVE. In pvp, it's only 1 extra attack. If so, i dont see why it is better than crit. it only does 30% damage VS crit like 50% or more maybe. Even for SV hunter, it's only 36% extra damage.

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I believe it's because multistrike still has 2 chances to proc even though it can only proc a single time, basically making them crits that happen more often and deal less damage. It's probably based on the classes' synergies with the stats, like how survival hunters get extra multistrike damage, and it should be based off how well the stat scales with the class, like elemental shaman.

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In a complete void they're pretty much equal.


MS in PvE gives 2 * X% chance for you to do an extra 30% damage (so 2 separate rolls for X% chance each).

MS in PvP gives 1 * X% chance for you to do an extra 30% damage


Crit in PvE gives X% chance for you to do 100% extra damage

Crit in PvP gives X% chance for you to do 50% extra damage.


The difference is offset by MS giving you more x% chance per rating. So in a void they're practically equal.


This is hardly ever truly equal because:

1) Certain classes benefit more from certain stats. This can also be split up into multiple components, such as:

a) The stat being your "main stat" and you get extra benefit

b) Certain spell/talent interaction with a specific stat (e.g. if one of your main abilities has +x% innate crit chance, the benefit of more crit might be reduced)


2) There seem to be multiple crit reducers in the game, but not MS reducers.

For example druids have Glyph of Barkskin which reduces the chance you'll be critically hit by 25% while it's active.

I don't think there are any such reductions for MS.


All in all, I think mostly the former is going to be making the difference. If you somehow benefit more or less from crit, that's going to make the bigger impact.


But in a void, these two stats are pretty much equal as far as I'm aware. 

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