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Gearing Up Stats - afflock

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Her'es a link to my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/firetree/Elegua/advanced

I may be overthinking it and should just keep my head down and keep doing what I'm doing, but as I've been gearing up and raiding I've had some concerns as far as my stat weights.

I've made sure to maintain hit cap and appropriate haste threshhold, but as I'm replacing/upgrading gear I'm noticing my Mastery creeping lower and lower. Any one else experiencing this? When it started dipping below 55% unbuffed I got worried but now I'm well below 47% Mastery.

My dps hasn't taken a noticeable hit and am still pulling decent 80k+ numbers, but at ilvl488 I guess I assumed my Mastery would be much higher. I use ReforgeLite (recently replaced Reforgenator) that handily helps me keep the hit cap and haste threshhold.

Am I worrying for nothing? Missing anything I should drastically change?

Thanks in advance for any feedback. Zagam and all the other posters on here for afflocks have been immensely helpful and I have come to think of this site as my afflock Bible.

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Stats and gem wise you're outstanding looking. If i had to find something to quibble over it's the lack of the mastery/faster running on your boots. But i can understand why you'd go haste to meet the cap.

I generally don't like reforging out of mastery. I realize that you can always make it up in gemming, but it just don't dig it.

If you were looking to meet all your criteria and still get that boot enchant, i have the following

Posted Image

you can see all the reforge changes (mostly undoing the mastery ones)

The new gems are as follows:

Shoulder: Lightning replaces fractured

Chest: Lightning replaces the perfect fractured (as i was pulling out gems i just went with the same artful in the red slot, so no change there)

Waist: Keen replaces artful


With these changes you should get the following (according to AMR)

  • Hit: 15.02% (no change)
  • Haste: 16.71 ( - .01%)
  • Mastery: 63.25% (+.68%)

edit #2: those that are looking for logs




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Thank so much! I'll give those tweaks a try. Should I not be worried then about the unbuffed Mastery (on your photo above) still being below 50%?

On a side note...I really wish they made the charts at worldoflogs easier to read, I'm sure understanding will come with more familiarity with that site, but I clicked those links and its hard to make heads or tails of what I'm seeing there.

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