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Necro-Blight WeakAura!!!!

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Weak Aura For Nec-Blight:





This weak aura is used for Unholy's necro-blight play style.



A simple description of this w/a:


The w/a has three parts to it, there are three icons


1. Unholy Blight Talent Cool down (Tier 1 Talent)


2. Required Festering Strikes needed to extend Nec Plague for 100% at 15 Stacks.


3. You're Necrotic Plague disease, including timer and stacks number.



This weak aura shows the user how many Festering Strikes are required to keep you're 15 stack necrotic plague going 100%. 


[small Note] - Make sure you have Unholy Blight and Necrotic Plague talent's selected before you import the w/a



Hope you enjoy this w/a :D

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