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Vuhdo Configuration (Hot Icons/CD Tracking)

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I've recently changed to Vuhdo from Grid2 which I use on my other characters, overall I really like the change going to a healing perspective (other chars are tanks and dps), however am struggling with solving a few issues.


As I am setting up my resto druids UI, I am quite annoyed by the oddly limited placement options for the "Hot Icons", and mainly as well that it seems impossible to display two icons side by side, instead of just a priority list which shows one OR the other and not both. If not possible to display icons side by side, is it possible instead to have icons overlaying each other as shapes? For example to change rejuvenation to display as a square icon, and germination to display as a rhombus on top of the square icon if its active?


Summary of requests:


1. Display 2 icons side by side instead of one or the other


2. Merge the display of my AoE cluster suggestion icon, and the actual AoE spell buff icon to use the same slot. Example: Wild Growth suggested on a target, after being casted on said target, the duration of the wild growth buff is then displayed.




Here is my current icon placement layout that I am using/intending to use.


1.)Top-Left: Rejuve + Germination (double display side/side or overlay?)

2) Bottom-Left: Lifebloom/Cenarion Ward (Priority list is fine)

3) Centre-Bottom: Aoe Suggestion + Wild Growth Buff (Priority list again)

4) Centre-Top: Debuff Display

5) Top-Right: Defensive Mitigation Cooldown big custom list (can provide link if requested)

6: Bottom-Right: Name and %HP display



Picture of my current UI:





Thanks for any help that anyone can offer,


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Hello, BicV.

As far as I know, it's not really possible to do in VuhDo the things that you requested in the exact way you want them.

VuhDo is a healing addon, not the tracking one so it's more focused to give you flexible tools for healing.



Anyways, there are much more possibilities to track and position info in VuhDo.

There are 7 HoT icons, not 5 that you are using. So, for example, you can use the middle one icon for the Wild Growth advice and bottom center icon for tracking the ticking HoT of WG after the cast.


Having HoT icons that big, you lose a lot of space. Healing frames should remain at reasonable size, not covering all your screen when healing 20+ man raid.

In your screenshot, you already completely covered a frame with 5 icons, the 6th one will cover a name, you don't have space for a 7th icon in the middle but you still want a possibility for more icons.


I would advice you to think about grouping to bouquets different kinds of CDs and HoTs and having 2 separate layouts for 5-man and raid healing. 

In 5-man layout my healing frames are much bigger, I don't use an icon for AoE advice and another one for raid CDs but I have separate icons for Cenarion Ward, Iron Bark and a Bouquet for the specific tank class defensive CDs.

In 20-man raid I reduced the HoT icon size to 80% and removed the AoE advisor because it's not updated for WoD. I have a separate icon for Disc's shieds&Weakened Soul, a separate icon (numeric) for total absorbs on a person and so on.


Actually I would advice you firstly to decide why would you like to track certain abilities in VuhDo frames because frankly, you should track in healing frames only abilities that affect your healing. All the rest is much better to track with WeakAuras, oRA3, Exorsus raid tools, etc.



In addition, there are other than HoT icons tracking tools in VuhDo:

- You can use Indicators (General->Indicators) that give you 12 more bars / frames / dots to configure

- You can use HoT Bars.


For example, my configuration for resto druid in raid is like this:

HoT icons: Rejuw, Hermination, "Swiftmendable", Total Absorbs, PW:Shield&Weaken Soul, a bouquet for personal damage mitigation CDs (Ironbark, Pain Suppression, Hand of Sacrifice, etc.), a bouquet for other players HoTs.

Indicators: White color inner frame for Paladins' Beacons, Special Dot for Role Icon, Treat Marks - red flashing lines on the top and bottom of a frame so I'd know which tank is tanking.

HoT Bars: I don't use them right now but it's good for tracking remaining time of personal CDs or amount of absorb remaining. 


For raid CDs cooldowns and raid CDs usage I have separate weakauras - no need to blow my healing frames with this info.

Btw, you don't have to assign a separate HoT button for debuffs - there is a Debuffs section in VuhDo that has its own icons and is customizable - better to use it.


Here you can check my VuhDo configuration guide (it is the official guide right now).


I will try and add a video of my current raid config in the evening, unfortunately can't do it from work :-/


If you have any other questions, I'm here to help smile.png


PS: one more thing that I noticed: your Skada frames use a huge part of the screen. Do you really need to see the performance of 10 dps, 10 healers and 10 deaths all the time? Ignore me if you hide it during fights.

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Hello Pandacho,



I was very surprised to find a reply from you, as the guide you had linked me in your advice was actually one of the primary sources I had used to configure Vuhdo to what I had so far. I take a very long time to dwell on exactly what it is from my UI, so I am still digesting all of the advice you've given me and how I'd like to apply it. Thanks for all the effort you've put in, as I also write many guides for UI config I really appreciate what you've done!



I had actually thrown together that druid UI literally overnight as my guild had decided to draft me to heal for them in the WoD challenge modes (never knew how awesome druid healing was until this last weekend!). So the frames were designed solely with a 5 man group and 1 healer/1 tank and 3 dps in mind. For that reason I had decided to make the icons quite a bit larger than what is probably ideal for larger scale raids.That's interesting to know about that the AoE suggestions is outdated, Ill just disable that then which would save me an icon position.



In the video you show in your guide, you have in the "6" position for your hot template, the other druids hot's displaying. You have managed to display rejuvenate, and then when the second rejuvenate (germination) is applied, a number 2 is shown which shows that both of the hots are actively running. How did you achieve this? It is more or less what I had hoped to do by merging my rejuve + germinate into one icon.



Reducing the hot size, and adding tracking for other players hots/weakened soul wasnt something I had yet thought about, so I will think about what it is exactly that I want to do for that, but it is very intersting to consider. I am actually trying to design frames not only for my resto druid, but also for profiles that my guilds holy paladin/resto shamans can use. Any suggestions on that matter you could quickly offer would be appreciated especially for the holy paladin as I have no experience with that spec at all.


Edit: I fail at quoting XD 


Instead of retyping all of this section I lost ill summarize.


I use Exorsus raid tools for Raid CD tracking, these frames arnt shown. I also use weakauras and tellmewhen. That "skada" window is in fact a new addon "Details!" it's great and worth checking out! I do have all three windows active in combat haha, and I do prefer that as well :P. Forgotten what else I had written :S.


Thanks again for the help!



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I can make layouts for a shaman and paladin. Do you need spells layouts too (Spells tab), 5-man or raid? If it's for a raid, what tank and healing classes do you have?

I will stream today in the evening so it would be possible to see how it works in raid.

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Hey Pandacho,


I turned up on your stream yesterday but it seemed you were busy haha, I visited at a time when your raid leader seemed to be a bit shouty haha :D. From what I can see from your profiles they work very nicely, if you would want to make a layout for me with holy paladins in mind that would be fantastic.


Im not quite sure what you mean by whether I would need spell layouts sorry, and it would be for mythic raiding groups (although I wouldnt want the frames to be super explicitly arranged just for that). 


Also I was wondering how you are managing to track when both rejuvenation and germination are active on a target? I can see this being tracked on the "6" position of your frame but have no idea how to copy this (In fact in this recent video you've linked you even include lifebloom so that when all three hots are active a "3" appears above the icon).

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I have similar Indicators for all my healing toons (General->Indicators): Paladin Beacons, Threat Marks and Personal CDs as a Bar Background.




I indicate the Beacons presence as a thin white border.

Add a Bouquet 'Paladin Beacon' with 2 spells: Beacon of Light and Beacon of Faith and then chose the Bouquet from the dropdown menu. You can change width and color of the border using button 'More'. 


Threat marks: two glowing red lines on the target(s) with aggro. Very useful for keeping current tank (or any other people with aggro) shielded and HoTed without checking additional Threat meters. 

Chose 'Threat: Marks' build-in Bouquet from the dropdown menu.


Bar Background: This is a very interesting option. Here I track how people are using their personal damage mitigation CDs.

I made a custom 'Personal CDs' Bouquet and added there all the main damage mitigation abilities for different classes (Deterrence, Dispersion, Barskin, Divine Prot, etc.). When a player takes damage and uses a mitigation CD (or a CD like Ironbark or Pain Suppression is being used on them), the bar background changes color.

It's not a 'Must have' option but it's a possibility for those who's interested smile.png


HoT icons layout for Resto Shaman:




With 'More' button I resize all the icons to 0.9 and the middle one (Role icon) to 0.7. Otherwise it's nearly impossible to keep reasonable size of the frames in raid.


Absorbs (#1) is a custom Bouquet with a Counter: All Shield Absorb. It's always placed as a HoT Icon #1 because of its numerical value (need more space).


Riptide (#2) and Earth Shield (#3) are Shaman specifics that I want to track.

I'm thinking about a possibility to rearrange this after getting my 4-p T18 (no luck yet). I'll make Earth Shield tracking as a Special Dot in Indicators, adding a bonus T18 Riptide as #3 instead of it.

To achieve this I'll add two custom Bouquets with the different Riptides spell ID: 61295 for the casted Riptide and 185875 for the bonus one. 


Tank Cooldowns (#4): custom bouquet where I add only our raid tanks CDs that I want to track. So if your tanks are monk and pala - add their CDs, warrior and druid - other ones, etc.


PW:S & Weakened Soul (#5): you should always track this having disc in raid so you wouldn't waste time and mana on the already shielded people. 

It is a custom bouquet and I use it so long that can't recall now whether it's still mine or build-in. This bouquet tracks 3 abilities: your PW:S (if you are a disc), other discs PW:S and WS with the timer.


Other player's HoTs (#6): build-in and tracks other player's HoTs ^^. Do not waste time and mana on players that already were HoTed and / or shielded.


Role Icon (#7): I just prefer to see it.



HoT icons for Resto Druid:


I have 2 HoT icons layouts for a Resto Druid: one for CMs (5-man) and another one for raiding.


CMs layout: 




Not much to add to the screenshot.

I personally find a 'Swiftmendable' icon very useful. It shows up only when Swiftmend is off CD so no need for additional check.

CM CDs in Slot 7 is a custom bouquet where I added personal damage mitigation CDs that our CM group has.


Raid layout:




As you can see, it's a bit different: added Other player's HoTs, Role Icon, Swiftmendable moved to Indicators.




This custom bouquet looks like this:




And the VuhDo frame with all this stuff enabled like this:




As you can see, there's still place for other players' HoTs and fight debuffs (right-top).



HoT icons layout for Holy Paladin:


Indicators are the same as for Shaman: Beacons, Threat marks, Personal CDs.


HoT icons:




Eternal Flame and Sacred Shield: I know that you can have only one talent but there's a possibility that you'll have more Paladins in raid, so better to track both.


Other player's HoTs and Role Icon are the same as for other healing classes.


My beacons: it's the same custom bouquet as Paladin Beacons but in Spell Source only 'Mine' is ticked.

I added both tracking border (for 'others') and icons ('mine') when stumbled on a raid with 3 Holy Paladins keeping all their beacons on two tanks. Poor tanks were overhealed to death, other players didn't get any heals.

So I prefer to know exactly where are all the Beacons smile.png


Pala CDs: my Hands and Shields. Here I exclude my damage mitigation CDs from other paladins CDs. I want to be sure that the icon I see is mine.

Tank Cooldowns: all personal damage mitigation CDs that are not mine.



Mouse layout for Holy Paladin:


Modifier 'None': 

Mouse left button: Flash of Light

Mouse right button: Holy Shock

Mouse Wheel Up: Cleanse

Mouse Wheel Down: Word of Glory


Modifier 'Shift': 

Mouse left button: Holy Light


Modifier 'Ctrl': 

Mouse left button: target

Mouse right button: focus


The rest of spells I have on mouseover macros.



Hope, it helps.smile.png

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask.


PS: I don't add Raid Cooldowns usage tracking to VuhDo. While it's definitely possible, I think that it would make frames too crowded, interfering with its main purpose - healing.

Instead of it, I use Weakaura that shows me which CDs are running and who casted them. Here's the WA in case somebody is interested. You can see it working in this post.

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Thank you so much Pandacho for these really incredible posts! Sorry that I wasn't able to reply earlier, I have been so incredibly busy with IRL tasks and also trying to manage some mythic raiding roster issues. I'd like to give a more in-depth response later, but for now I just wanted to let you know I'm very grateful for the help!.

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