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rogue spec question

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hey guys,

I am new to playing rogue, rerolled for the guild.
This means I don't have 4pc T18 and no class trinket :)

I sit at 700 ilvl right now with 2x stage 6 crafted daggers, 700er PvP gear, stage 6 skull of war, stage 6 stone of elements.

I can change gear to have more multi strike or more crit.
SimC shows Sub is better in BiS gear but I am far from BiS gear :)

What spec should I play until I have BiS gear? 
Sub or Assa?

Combat gear I will farm to make it my 2nd Spec.


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I would play Assassination until you get the 4 set bonus, class trinket, and Soul Capacitor. 


It's a much easier spec so you can get used to the feel of it more quickly, and it will allow you to get more of a feel for what defensive cooldowns you should be using and when.

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