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Set-bonus or mastery?

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Hey guys,


I need some help gearing my lock, but I am stuck between 2 items. My spec is destro at the moment, as you can see on my armory (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmane/Lokza/simple).


 am stuck between:

1) Heroic Shadow council's gloves and robes(socket mastery) for the set bonus (set bonus)




2) Heroic Ancient gorestained wrap and 695 deathrattle gloves (gloves & chest)


Any tips what i should go for? The higher master for (2) or the set bonus of (1).

I also have Chipped soulprism trinket. in my inventory.

Or should I go affliction instead?


Thanks in advance

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To be honest I have no clue but have you been playing with the T17 already Lokza? As it changes your gameplay.


As to Affliction well both specs shine in HFC on different fights (mostly). For overall competitiveness it's good to play both. If that doesn't matter to you/your raid group then play the spec you prefer. 

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Atm i swap between affliction and destro for different fights. Sometimes affli is better ex. council and sometimes destro is better. I've been playing with t17 set for a long time but since i got the other items today i was wondering if i should swap set bonus for mastery. I think the line is slim...

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