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[Guardian] Looking for trinket advice.

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Im looking for advice on what trinkets i should be using for my bear.


Currently i have..


{H} Warlord's Unseeing eye

{M} Blast Furnace Door

{N} Tyrant's Decree

{N} Class Trinket from Archimonde.



Ive seen a lot of conflicting data as to what is considered BiS and was just wondering if anyone had any input or suggestions as to what trinkets I should be using.





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Im not that experienced with Guardian so I dont know if this will help much but just reading the tooltip I would defenetly take the class trinket. Not sure wich one to have it with, probebly Blast Furnece or Tyrants sence as far as I have been hearing haste isent that good for guardians and the rest of the tooltip on the eye seems kinda unclere to me atlest, but that might just be me. Hope this helped alitle atlest or that it might get someone that knows more about guardians to reply :)

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