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Combat Low DPS

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I had a look at your armory: Why do you have a dagger equipped in your main hand???

Everything else in the logs looks more or less normal, aside from minor stuff like SnD and RvS uptime.

If you want, you can compare your log to my Socrethar normal kill as Combat: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/y29JpwXkPHtfFgMc#fight=14&type=damage-done&source=11

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So the biggest thing that I can see is your low RvS and SnD uptime. Those should be as near to 100% as humanly possible - think 98% or higher. RvS is barely over 80%, and SnD is barely over 85%


Side note: Assassination and Sub are better for Socrethar

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