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Need some help with Balance DPS

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So my guild is about to go into mythic HFC, and I feel like as it is right now I'm not pulling my weight as a boomkin. I've tried comparing logs with other boomkins that parse better than I but I cant really figure out what we are doing differently based just on the logs


here is my armory



and here are some recent logs (my char is Beartato)




any advice would help, thanks. 

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First thing that sticks out is Doom Nova.  It is a pretty terrible trinket for boomkin, especially on multi target fights (which in turn makes it shit for single target fights since the trinket shines more for other classes on multi target)  You should Aim to have Iron Reaver and the class Trinket to switch between (while keeping the DSI you currently have).  For every fight you should use Class + DSI, except: Heroic Iron Reaver (not mythic), All Kromroks, and All Fel Lords.  For these 3 fights use Iron Reavers Piston (or Mythic GSR (Oregorger) if you can get it)





On this Iron Reaver fight, I see you messed up your 2nd incarnation and popped it way late into your CA. You also used your 2nd potion halfway through the fight?  Line that up with your CDs + Lust.  From what I could see you used about 19/21 charges of Starfall/Starsurge, so thats good.  Its hard to know (at least for me) if you're doing your rotation properly outside of your burst. Your opener looks good.


On Killrogg i see the same problem you had with popping Incarnation way too late for your 2nd set of CDs.  You need to make sure you pop Incarnation FIRST, wait the GCD then CA + moonfire into starfire spam.  As well as trying to save 2 starsurge charges BEFORE your CA comes up.  And you again, used your 2nd pot some random time in the middle of the fight. Why?  Save that potion for your CDs

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