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Ret pally DPS help!

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First off this is me



Now i know i dont have the best enchants or BiS gear but i convince i should be able todo more dps than i am currently doing which is on a good day around 35k but can get as low as 30-29k (i know shocking). Their a no other ret pallys in my guild at the moment so i have nothing to compair myself too, one think i have noticed its that i get moments in my routation where i have nothing i can do for a few secs is that normal?

Any help you can off would be great thanks

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I have taken a look at your armory. Mastery is just fine but your hast should be ~15% (buffed). This will also help you with your dead-time.


Since you have no logs available i'll talk straight from the heart.


First off all it's very crucial to choose the right talents:


- For AOE fights (i.e. first boss of HFC) you would probably use ability_paladin_finalverdict.jpgFinal Verdict paired with spell_holy_divinepurpose.jpgDivine Purpose and Light's Hammer. Make shure to use spell_paladin_lightshammer.jpgLight's Hammer with wings (2pc set bonus is very useful ;-) Be shure that Final Verdict buff is up when you are using ability_paladin_divinestorm.jpgDivine Storm


- For single target fights with medium or high movement (i.e. Reaver) i would suggest ability_paladin_finalverdict.jpgFinal Verdictability_paladin_sanctifiedwrath.jpgSanctified Wrath and spell_paladin_executionsentence.jpgExecution Sentence. Be aware to use Execution Sentence with wings up!


- For single target fights with low movement (hmmm? maybe Zakuun) you can switch your lvl100 talent to ability_paladin_seraphim.jpgSeraphim if you are practiced.


For decent rota/prio take a look at the Retribution class guide here on Icy Veins.



your Lobbyboy

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