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Advice: trying to push to rank 5

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Hi! I have used this site for a few months using decks I have seen on here, but just registered recently. I am trying to push to rank 5. I keep getting stuck at 6.

1x Arcane Missiles

2x Mirror image

2x Mana Wyrm

2x Flamecannon

2x Frost Bolt

2x Unstable Portal

2x Sorcerers Apprentice

2x Mad scientist

2x Arcane Intellect

2x Effigy

1x Mirror entity

2x Flamewalker

2x Fireball

2x Sludge Belcher

Emperor Thaurissan

Archmage Antonidas

2x Flamestrike

Changes I want to make but lack the cards are

Ronin(Good synergy with Effigy, and Antonidas)

Sylvannas(Possibly, but doesn't really help me much against hunter or paly which seem to be my toughest opponents so far)

I have made tweaks trying to help here and there. I struggle against hunters unless I get a very fast start. Any thoughts on changes I should make to help my push to rank 5?

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