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Resto looking for advice

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I find my healing output remarkable low for my gear ever since HFC came out. (with brf I was pleased with my healing)
I was hoping somebody could find some time to figure out what I am doing so wrong

My armory ->  http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/Shadowsong/Djo/advanced

(Staff was a 715 one with spirit enchant instead of current staff)



Guild logs  (go back to August)




What I aim for:

Have double lifeblooms active & double rejuv on tanks

pre hotting melee for inc dmg.

Have mushroom up all times

When popping treeform: I spam regrowth


Looking forward for some comments!

Gz Djo

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Don't be afraid to put Lifeblooms on other people than tanks, use them like you use Rejuvenation.


As a Resto Druid you shouldn't focus healing melee. There are so many healing mechanics for healing melee (Holy Prism, Wild Mushroom, Healing Rain, Chain Heal, Rushing Jade Wind etc). You're a Resto Druid and you excel at single target healing those who cannot benefit as much from those AoE heals. 


When you use Tree of Life, don't spam Regrowth. It is both a mana and HPS loss. Tree of Life empowers your Rejuvenation and Wild Growth. The only thing it does for Regrowth is turning it into a GCD, which means it can be cast on the move. However, Regrowth already has the cast time equal to a GCD so it doesn't change much.

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