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Fitting gear to savage gladiator set

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So i have grinded this Savage gladiator set that you get from Ring of Law in Blackrock Depths.. 


So i would like if anyone have any tips on gear that suits the Savage Gladiator set. Like shoulders, waist, tabard or maybe shirt.. Any ideas or tips is highly appriciated!

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      Remember to use up any remaining Catalyst charges today before they reset tomorrow!
      Your Revival Catalyst charges will reset to zero at the start of Dragonflight Season 4. If you have any unused charges, make sure to spend them today to secure your class set bonuses.
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      We look forward to taking on these new adventures with you. We'll see you in the Dragon Isles and Pandaria!
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      The MoP Remix release date might have been leaked due to an entry found in the War Within Closed Alpha calendar!
      As per the Alpha's in-game calendar, MoP Remix is currently scheduled to launch on May 16th and run until August 19th.
      Although Blizzard hasn't officially confirmed the launch of MoP Remix yet, it seems they intend to make it available until the War Within pre-patch.

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      A jeweler's setting from The War Within confirms jewelry can have 2 sockets.
      Vicious Jeweler's Setting is a new consumable from Jewelcrafting that lets you add a socket to a War Within PvP item. It can be used on Helms, Amulets, Bracers, Belts, and Rings. Jewelry can have up to 2 sockets in The War Within, as the tooltip confirms. 

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