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Fitting gear to savage gladiator set

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So i have grinded this Savage gladiator set that you get from Ring of Law in Blackrock Depths.. 


So i would like if anyone have any tips on gear that suits the Savage Gladiator set. Like shoulders, waist, tabard or maybe shirt.. Any ideas or tips is highly appriciated!

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    • By Stan
      In this post, we recap all Paladin changes that went live on the 9.2 PTR in the most recent build.
      Holy Shock - Triggers a burst of Light on the target, dealing [ 77% 68% of Spell Power ] Holy damage to an enemy, or [ 155% of Spell Power ] healing to an ally. Has an additional 30% critical effect chance. This is the tooltip change according to WoWDB. However, on the 9.2 PTR, the ability saw a 12% damage reduction. Holy
      Holy Paladin (Spec Aura) Decreases damage/healing by 10% 20%: Judgment Avenging Wrath has been nerfed by 10% due to the removal of Rank 3 Avenging Wrath. Hammer of Wrath damage reduced by 12%. Judgment damage reduced by 12%. Holy Shock damage reduced by 12%. Covenant Abilities
      Ashen Hallow (Venthyr) - Hallow the target area for 30 sec. Enemies in the area suffer up to [ 330% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage, and allies are healed for up to [ 252% 216% of Spell Power ], reduced if there are more than 0 targets. This is the tooltip change according to WoWDB. However, on the 9.2 PTR, the ability saw a 12% damage reduction. Thanks to @Urthearsofor double checking the changes.
    • By Stan
      Blizzard added new catch-up BoA catch-up tokens to Zereth Mortis. They cost Anima and can be sent over to alts.
      The following tokens are available for purchase from Hadja in Haven. They cost 500 Anima each and cover all slots except for the "Neck" and "Trinket" slots.
      Broker's Chestpiece Broker's Boots Broker's Bracers Broker's Cloak Broker's Helm Broker's Gloves Broker's Legguards Broker's Weaponry Broker's Shoulders Broker's Boots Broker's Belt Broker's Accessory
      The vendor can be found in Haven. Simply, "/target Hadja" to find the Enlightened Provisioner.
      Zereth Mortis also comes with item level 246 catch-up gear for non-raiders and players who don't do Mythic+.
    • By Staff
      Update: we now also know when double legendaries will be coming - 5 weeks after launch. Read here for more information.

      Blizzard have announced the second legendary slot will no longer be related to reputation, but instead linked both the belt and the legendary memory to completing Chapter 7 of the Zereth Mortis story! We're not quite sure how long it'll take to get to chapter 7 at the moment. Blizzard also explained why the delay is there in the first place:
      Double Legendary (Source)
      Hello all,
      Thanks for everyone’s feedback on the Enlightened Legendary belts and memories, and on the issue of when you can obtain them and what activities they require. We have some changes coming to a future PTR build that I’d like to talk about a bit.
      First, what are we doing? The Belt of Unity is moving from the Enlightened reputation and into the campaign quest for Zereth Mortis. You’ll be able to obtain it at the end of Chapter 7 of the Zereth Mortis campaign, which we hope will feel like a nice crowning accomplishment. The Memory of Unity is remaining on the Enlightened reputation vendor, and will remain an account-wide unlock like other Legendary Memories from Shadowlands, but will now additionally require that you’ve completed Chapter 7 in order to purchase it. This Memory means that when your second, third, or tenth character is ready to start Eternity’s End that they’ll be able to craft an Enlightened Legendary right away. The new questing requirement is being added to head off any feeling of needing to rush ahead to Revered for progression on your main character. We’re also still debating some other possible changes to the overall structure of Zereth Mortis rewards, but I don’t have concrete details to share on those yet.
      Some folks have asked why there’s a delay in acquiring a second legendary at all. The answer there is that we have goals for your characters to grow over the course of the patch, allowing them to overcome challenges they couldn’t initially overcome. One specific example here is the difficulty of Sepulcher of the First Ones: by keeping the Enlightened Legendary a little bit in The Future from the raid’s launch, we can tune the raid at a difficulty that allows early progression to be bolstered by additional power once players start hitting stumbling blocks. If this power was instead available to your characters on the first day, tuning would have to take that into account for people who expect the first few weeks to be challenging, and that would in turn deprive many raids of what we think will be a fun and enjoyable boost in power after striving as far as they can without it.
      It’s important to us that there’s a pretty level playing field with the Enlightened Legendary in terms of when different players obtain it. We want it to be an impactful moment of growth for your characters, getting to change the rules of how they play the game for the rest of Eternity’s End. Our initial plans of putting it on the Enlightened reputation had this intent, in that we were planning to distribute most of the reputation gains on campaign quests and on quests that players would do once or twice a week, but we hear you that this structure still felt unsatisfying for players whose free time lends itself more to periodic long sessions than for frequent shorter ones. We feel that moving the Enlightened Legendary into the quest campaign will be even more egalitarian while still providing a very satisfying growth moment.
      As always, we’re still open to and listening to feedback here, so once the changes go up, please do continue to tell us how you feel about them.
    • By Staff
      Blizzard have now also clarified that chapter 7 of the Zereth Mortis story, at which point players will have double legendaries unlocked, will be available on the 3rd week after Mythic opens, so the 5th week of the patch! Blizzard also talked about why the initial 2nd legendary is going to be a belt. 
      Double Legendaries (Source)
      Good point, yeah, sorry about that. Chapter 7 will be available on the third week after the Mythic raid opens. So there will be two full weeks of Mythic raiding during which nobody can have two legendaries, after which they should be available to everyone.
      Totally fair question. We looked at what slots players have crafted legendaries in, and tried to pick the slot we thought would disrupt as few people as possible. Also, given that tier sets are back in Eternity’s End, we want to avoid putting this new Unity legendary in any slot that conflicts with tier gear. As with many things in design, there’s not an objective right or wrong choice here, but that was the thinking behind picking the Waist slot.
    • By Stan
      In this post, we recap all Holy Priest class changes introduced in the latest 9.2 patch.
      Holy Priest (Spec Aura) Increases damage/healing by 5% 16%: Contrition, Cosmic Ripple, Divine Hymn, Divine Star, Halo, Holy Nova, Holy Word: Sanctify, Holy Word: Serenity, Holy Words, Penance, Prayer of Mending, Renew, Shadow Covenant Increases periodic damage/healing by 5% 16%: Contrition, Cosmic Ripple, Divine Hymn, Divine Star, Halo, Holy Nova, Holy Word: Sanctify, Holy Word: Serenity, Holy Words, Penance, Prayer of Mending, Renew, Shadow Covenant Increases damage/healing by 25% 44%: Divine Star, Halo, Holy Fire, Holy Nova, Holy Word: Chastise, Holy Words, Mind Blast, Penance, Power Word: Solace, Purge the Wicked, Shadow Crash, Shadow Word: Death, Smite, Surrender to Madness, Unfurling Darkness, Void Eruption, Void Torrent, Void Volley Guardian Spirit - Calls upon a guardian spirit to watch over the friendly target for 10 sec, increasing healing received by 60% and preventing the target from dying by sacrificing itself. This sacrifice terminates the effect and heals the target for 40% of maximum health. Castable while stunned. Massive damage amounts will kill the target despite this effect. Calls upon a guardian spirit to watch over the friendly target for 10 sec, increasing healing received by 60%. If the target would die, the Spirit sacrifices itself and restores the target to 40% health. Castable while stunned. Cannot save the target from massive damage. Holy Word: Chastise - Chastises the target for [ 112.5% 140% of Spell Power ] Holy damage and incapacitates them for 4 sec. Symbol of Hope - Bolster the morale of raid members within 40 yds. They each recover 60 sec of cooldown of a major defensive ability, and regain 18% 15% of their missing mana, over 5 4 sec. Cast time changed to 4 seconds (was 5). Cooldown changed to 3 minutes (was 5). Guardian Angel (Level 30 Talent) - When Guardian Spirit saves the target from death, it does not expire. When Guardian Spirit expires without saving the target from death, reduce its remaining cooldown to 60 seconds. Afterlife (Level 30 Talent) -  Increases the duration of Spirit of Redemption by [ 50 + 25% of Spell Power ]% and increases the range of your healing spells while in Spirit of Redemption by [ 30 + 25% of Spell Power ]%. Increases the duration of Spirit of Redemption by 50% and the range of its spells by 50%. While in Spirit of Redemption, you may cast Resurrection, which ends the Spirit of Redemption. Binding Heals has been reworked as is now a level 30 talent (was 40) - 20% of Heal or Flash Heal healing on other targets also heals you. Cosmic Ripple is now a level 40 talent (was 30). Prayer Circle - Using Circle of Healing reduces the cast time and cost of your Prayer of Healing by 25% for 8 sec.
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