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[RESTO] How to ideally track your Hots ?

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I have been healing on my druid since recently, and trying to get better at it, but as we are getting true HFC on mythic, i feel i need to improve my healing more.


Expecially keeping up my lifebloom is a problem atm (been between 50% at lowest, and 80% at highest)


Just got my class trinket yesterday, and i see the impact its having on my healing. Hoping to get my 4 piece any time soon, so I can keep up 2 lifeblooms, wich might help me ALLOT.


ATM I´m tracking my lifebloom on the tanks with "tellmewhen" but i dont feel really content with it. Specially if I will get my 4-piece, i have no idea how I will be able to track my both lifeblooms.


I any one can give me some pointers, it would be nice smile.png


Also, other tips are more then welcome.


LOGS : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/8fjTZQqVWHRPp74a(joined for the HC Man -  Archi and Mythic reaver)


OLDER LOGS : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/aHxqQ1BKMvfc3G6n(our first Kromrok mythic kill )


Armory : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/sylvanas/Doorman/simple


cheerz and thx

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For HOT & Mastery tracking I use Weakauras with a combination of KUI Nameplates. You can adjust your WeakAuras to show a Lifebloom icon in the center of your screen for when it needs to be reapplied. Thats how I keep track of mine and I often have a 90%+ Uptime on it.

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I'm using Weakauras for tracking CDs and VuhDo to see the current state of my HoTs, IB, CW, LB, etc.


In fight it looks like this (watch from 4:50 min):




Here's WA string that I use in the video for tracking Harmony, Lifebloom and Wild Mushroom: Pastebin



Here's my VuhDo layouts for Resto Druids - just scroll the post down a bit.


If you need more explanations, you are welcome to ask smile.png

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Persevere with Vuhdo. It's definitely worth it. There are some good tutorials around on Youtube & the forums on plusheal.com have a dedicated Vuhdo sub-forum within Forum > Forum (scroll down to this under the class forums) > UI/Mod Discussion > Sub Forum Vuhdo Support.


Also, I use TellMeWhen. I use it to keep track of my Harmony buff to make sure I keep it up & also a timer for my Wild Mushroom to make sure I keep one down. Check out Curseforge.com & search for TellMeWhen. There are sub-forums with peoples TMW strings posted. I'll post my Icon strings for the above 2 trackers.

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I use a combination of Vuhdo and Weakauras to keep track of my hots.



Green rhomb is Lifebloom, purple is Rejuvenation. I find duration info on raidframes obsolete with Germination.

Above my raidframes I have 4 colored bars, two green ones for each of my Lifeblooms, an orange for my Harmony uptime and a white one for Wild Mushroom.

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