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Low DPS on Hellfire Assault Mythic (combat)

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Hello :)


Recently I had an opportunity to try myself in Mythic encounter (Hellfire Assault) and found out that I perform extremely poor (44k dps as combat rogue - very low) despite of 715 item level. And though I usually have good start, my overall dps decreases dramatically during the fight. Also I found out that I can't just turn on Blade Flurry and kill mobs, because uncontrolled AoE leads to wipe, so most of the fight was single target damage.


My armory - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Lensky/advanced

Here is log from that fight - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Akdx8qnVZM3HfWjF#fight=7


I saw other combat rogues in this fight and they rock! What am I doing wrong here?


Thanks in advance :)

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Revealing Strike usage is poor (~72%) and I think ou can fit more uses of KS, AR and Vanish in this fight (it's a 7 min fight and you have 4pc).


Remember that RvS is a flat increase in your main skills' damage, and the damage spreads through Blade Flurry.


There may be other things, so better wait for someone else who's playing to give you more directions. =)

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Like Lip said, your RvS uptime is pretty low and will give you a significant damage boost.


As for other things, here's a couple tips that I have


1) Blade Flurry uptime is reeeeaally low for a fight that's almost exclusively ad killing


2) Soul Capacitor is a pretty good trinket for Combat, but because of the way that it works, it isn't so great for this fight. MIrror of the Blademaster is overall a much better trinket for the spec, and even more so on this fight since you have the ability to use it to cleave a lot.


3) Using Marked for Death is a significant improvement in damage - in BRF Anticipation was still competitive (if slightly behind), but now that we don't have that set bonus anymore and with the addition of the class trinket Marked for Death becomes immensely more powerful.


This is especially apparent on fights with lots of adds, where you can constantly reset the cooldown on it by popping it on a mob that's about to die

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