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so as i have seen so far i am doing less dps than any class in my guild dont rly know why but its always like im doing the least damage on atleast most of the fights 

i got pretty decent gear but still not getting very good ranks at mythic my hc ranks are not bad but when it comes to mythic im always below 50% need some help 




trinkets that i have are :  Rumbling Pebble (Mythic)   Vial of Convulsive Shadows (Heroic)  

Empty Drinking Horn (Heroic)

Unending Hunger normal 

Forgemaster's Insignia (Mythic) 

Discordant Chorus (Heroic)

Reaper's Harvest (Heroic warforged)


so what am i doing wrong due to logs ? and if someone can tell me what is the best lvl 100 talent for each fight 

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