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My first melee class hitting 100 soon...

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...and I'm pretty lost what to do.




my rogue hitting level 100 pretty soon and I was thinking what spec I should choose. Obviously I'll just do dungeons for a while and LFR. But still, I'd like to achieve the maximum even in random content.


At the moment leveling as Assassination, but seeing how I always at the bottom of the meters bothers me. Tried Combat but I really dislike the fact that I have to manually refresh S'n'D every single time. Also Assa and Sub just seems like ea lot more fun.


So what is your suggestion?

Are rogues even viable nowadays?

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Yes, all specs are viable.


Sin is the easiest of 3, Sub being hardest (IMO).


If you don't like managing buffs, don't pick Sub. You'll end up in a living hell. (lol)


A brief explanation of what you gotta worry on each spec, under my point of view and ignoring some advanced aspects of each: with a pint of joke






+ easy to play

+ 2 things to track (Rupture and Envenom, though the latter is almost a no brainer - it's automatic since it's part of your rotation)

+ straight burst (Vendetta) that lines up with your other burst CD (Shadow Reflection), rather easy to control

+ decent damage




- dull, boring (apply Rupture, stabstabstabstabstabENVENOMstabstabstabstab, apply Rupture......)

- easy to play

- slow

- watch that yellow bar fill while you auto attack and sighs till you can press buttons again

- tries to copy his older cooler brother spec Sub calling a shadow that isn't even that much shadowful to do the same thing as you







+ Amazing AoE, best of all three - be happy when you see a bunch of mobs (and there's no wipe mechanics attached to it, of course), main thought is: "TIME TO SHINE."

+ fun burst ninja-like

+ 2 things to track (Revealing Strike and SnD)

+ frantic speed




- carpal tunnel syndrome guaranteed or your money back

- ramp up burst damage

- you lose SnD, you lose a good parcel of damage/energy regen

- energy regen out of CDs is a bitch - either you get more than you can use or you get nothing

- "inconsistent" CDs - they reset based on how many Eviscerates you cast






- TRUE ROGUE HERO SPEC (this is completely not biased)

- hard to play

- rewarding

- "yes I'm a fu**in' rogue" thoughts

- best single target spec

- when you burst YOU CALL A NINJA COPY OF YOU FROM THE SHADOWS AND DANCE WITH IT (Shadow Reflection is a talent and it's amazing for Sub, and Shadow Dance is your burst CD) - how that cannot be amazing?




- hard to play

- although Blizz alleviated, there still is a small positional requirement

- a shitload of things to track (SnD, Rupture, Find Weakness, Hemo - although this one isn't common anymore, but it's still there)




So, pick your poison (pun not intended but I noticed after I wrote the post). I'm not playing anymore, but from what I've seen all three are in competitive spots and have their place under the sun.

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Hmm, thank you for your time. Well, reading all the pros and cons, I'd pick Sub, because it's rewarding. I always liked playing harder classes, but I don't know if I'd take Sub as soon as I got to 100. I mean is it still viable with the basic Tanaan gear?

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For Soloing, you'll want to either play Combat or Sin. I'd recommend Combat since you can handle extra mobs in a fight more easily


In terms of pure damage, Sin will stay ahead of Sub until you end up getting the 4pc set bonus from HFC, the class trinket, and Soul Capacitor. Once you get those, Sub will pull ahead and will continue to do so as you get better gear. 

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