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need help with my DW frost dps

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first of all sorry about my bad english

this is my character http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Windfist/simple


and i am pretty sure that i am doing 95% correct rotation ( log is not available )

just i cant do dps on a singel dummy more than 33 k ( without any other buff i just use my horn of winter )

i think this is realy low !

what should i do ? 

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You can practice your rotations, different openers etc on Dummy's but you can't pull the dps you'd normally get in raids. Without logs it's hard to judge anything but looking at your armory first thing that i notice is that you're using Runic Corruption (60 level talent), i'd strongly suggest  switching to Blood Tap without using it in any macros. Make sure that you're not capping your runic power or runes,  try to save runic power so you can throw Frost Strikes back to back with  tier 18.

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