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Fury dps issue.

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Hi smile.png  Well, I have a big question related to Fury dps. I've been pulling around 40 to 47k dps on single target fights. My i.lvl is 708 and I have full tier 18, worldbreaker's resolve and empty drinking horn. 2h weaps, calamity's edge and 2h pvp weapon. My crit (UB) is 31% and I have 34% mastery. I don't really know what's wrong, I follow the rotation, I switch talents depending on the fight, I time my cd's and everything. Am I the only one having this issue? Compared to other melee classes (with the same i.lvl), I think I'm doing quite bad.

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Thank you for posting, but without logs, we likely won't be able to provide much help. If you would link some logs for us, we'll take a look at those as soon as we can.

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