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[Balance]Please help me not suck

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So I started raiding as balance about a month ago.  I've raided on and off since vanilla, but never as balance so this has been a new adventure.


I'm at the point now that gear wise and experience wise, I would have hoped that I wasn't at the very bottom of my guilds DPS list... but alas I am.


I've read the guides here and on other sites and attempted to follow their advice and suggestions for rotations.  I'm just not seeming to make it come together, and my DPS ends up being 10-20K below the SimC average for my gear level.


Any advice or pointers you could give would be really appreciated!


Armory:  http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kul-tiras/Ami/advanced


I know my neck is not ideal.  I also have the heroic trinket from Mannoroth, which I have used on occasion but not to any real change in DPS.


Recent Logs: Char is Ami





Eternally in your debt!

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