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[Frost] Room for improvement?

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Hi there,


I'd just been looking at some of my logs and noticed I've not been ranking too good compared to other frost mages, I was wondering if there is any advice people could give to help me improve.


Most recent log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/FG4Vw9gapTD6vMCd#fight=5&type=damage-done&source=17


Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/nagrand/Grimwulf/simple



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Your dps seems fine, some tips for you though if you can don't use the class trinket on 3+ target stacked fights just spec thermal void and use unblinking gaze of sethe and prophecy of fear. Haste  is arguably the best secondary we can get right now untill we have enough to fit 4 shatter lances into a prismatic crystal or legendary ring proc if you don't have enough you will only be able to fit around 3 and it'd just do more damage to spam ice lance into the buffs. On your weapon if you have a high enough haste value enchant for crit instead of multistrike and haste if you dont have enough haste. You can check Kuni's stats on the armory for an example. Multistrike is still king for us, however if you get any piece that's 10+ ilvls above your current piece but without multistrike equip it. Don't worry about the high mastery on your gear its kinda just there and you cant do much about it, and its a semi useful stat for cleaving with our buffed frostfire bolts/icicles, and makes arcane a viable off spec for us. As for ranking low you have to realize there are A LOT of mages in the rankings right now and you also don't have your legendary ring upgraded that far it can make up a lot of damage. As long as you are doing comparable damage with most of the people in your raid you are fine.

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