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Confused by Elemental class guide...

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Can some please advise me about Lightning Shields / Fulmination & when to cast an Earth Shock.


The DPS guide advises


Cast wow_icon_spell_nature_earthshock.jpgEarth Shock, if you have 17 charges of wow_icon_spell_nature_lightningshield.jpLightning Shield or more, in order to deal wow_icon_spell_nature_unrelentingstorm.jFulmination damage.


Yet the Fulmination tooltip states up to a maximum 15 charges?


Does the Improved Lightning Shield part mean it gets an extra 5 up to a total of 20?


Elemental isn't my main, but that doesn't mean I don't want to understand the class & do better on my Shaman alt.

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Yep - Improved LS added 5 more to your charges, so you can get up to a stack of 20. Of course, as you level you'll have to 'unlock' this feature. Eventually you'll have it by 100.

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