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Challenge Mode Trinkets

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I'll be doing CM's soon with some of my characters and I'm gearing up for them. However, I need to know what trinkets are best at the moment. 

This is for Warlock/Mage/Resto Druid, so I'd like to know per class which one is best.


As Resto Druid I already have Stone of Fire and Thousand Year Pickled Egg. Are those good or are there better?


For Warlock I have quite a few, so is there a list of best trinkets for CMs available?


For mage I have Stone of Fire as well. Are Prophecy of Fear and Tome of Shifting Words any good? 

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There was a thread not too terribly long ago in which a spreadsheet got linked that has a number of challenge mode BiS lists in them.  That spreadsheet is here.  Do note that not everything is completely filled out though.

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