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Low arcane dps, e.g. on Council

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Hi all,

While beginning mythic Hellfire Citadel progression, I find my dps as an arcane mage subpar compared with what the spec can do, and sometimes even a liability for the group.

One typical example of this is on Hellfire High Council, where I play with the following talents:

spell_mage_unstablemagic.jpgUnstable Magic
spell_mage_runeofpower.jpgRune of Power
spell_mage_focusingcrystal.jpgPrismatic Crystal

My armory is here.

To sum it up:

- Haste then mastery then nothing else if possible smile.png
- 4-part T18, legendary ring.
- Trinkets: Archimonde (normal) and Mannoroth (heroic).
- Full heroic gear + crafts -> 715 average ilv.

This is supposed to be a very decent setup for single/dual target fights.

Regarding talents, I looked up the best arcane mages on warcraftlogs and there is no set trend for this boss (except RoP). Both T5 and T7 vary.

We killed the boss for the first time yesterday. Here are the logs:

My dps on the kill is low, although I felt like I had not made too many mistakes nor had too much downtime. On the wipes, it was even worse.
Note that I tried several different openers during the wipes, to max out both the crystal and the Mannoroth trinket, but the latter is rather unpredictable.

Right now, my rotation from the start of the fight is as follows:

- Arcane blast to 3-4 charges (depends on missile procs and Mannoroth trinket procs).
- Dump missile procs, esp. if Mannoroth trinket procced.
- Crystal.
- Arcane power.
- AB and AM on crystal.
- AB on boss until AP wears out AND at about 50 % mana.
- Evocation.
- Conservation phase, trying not to get under 85-90 % mana.
- Missiles when at 4 arcane charges OR Mannoroth trinket proc is about to wear out.
- When crystal is up, use it (+ arcane power) when @4 charges and start over.

One more note: I have Weakauras to watch my trinket/4P procs and my crystal / arcane power remaining time.

What can I do to really improve my dps ?


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The only thing I (might) see, is that you should use your Crystal, if the boss got the Mannoroth Proc. Just put the Crystal next to the target, and fire every Missle you got on the Mannoproc. That way the explosions will although trigger the Crystal.

Everything else looks fine to me. Frostmages got stronger clevedamage then Arcane, so they're (ussualy) above on Council.


Oh, and you could have used 2 pots on the Coucil fight.

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