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DPS questions. HFC 711 balance druid

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I've played resto for many years and recently began running balance in our heroic raid.  We are on the cusp now of mythic and I need to step it up.  I feel as if all my spells are pretty solid and I'm casting as I should, but clean up is always good.  I've written many weak auras to help me know when CD's are up,  It's possible I'm missing casts or over spamming MF/SF.  I tend to cast those two spells when I move.


I don't mean to spam the forum there are many posts about this, but I need some focused assistance if someone is gracious enough to take a look.  I have a feeling I really need to optimize my gear... I lack mastery pieces.  Any input will help!






Recent parses:






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As for your gear - it looks quite decent, except for trinkets. I'm not 100% sure, but you want archi and council trinkets, they are probably the best for all fights in HFC. Other than that - it looks really fine.


As for your dps - I've taken a look at kormrok fight.


Your sunfire and moonfire uptime is good, you lost sunfire for a brief second, but that's kinda fine. 


However I've seen that you're doing your opener wrong. You used CA and then Inc. It's just bad. You simply wasted GCD of CA doing nothing. What I'm doing (cause I'm too lazy to precast...) is:

-2secs pre pull INC

next GCD prepot and Starsurge

next GCD racial+CA+moonfire

Cointinue 2x starfire > starsurge. 

Possibly refresh dots if you can't squeze in another starsurge.



Also you want to use more starsurge stacks into lunar empowerment, so far you've only had this buff 8 times, which is quite low. As you can see here https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/qgBKFxMkXH86aDQd#fight=21&type=auras&source=83&ability=164547it has a huge gap where you did not have it. 

You basically want to get Archi trinket and forget clicking starfall ever again using every possible stack into starsurge. 


You've got the grasp of the spec and can do the basics - next thing you wanna do is try to maximize your casts by moving on GCD and so on :) Also there's what I've said before :) 


GL fellow owlkin!

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Thank you very much for your time and input. Everything you mentioned is identifiable and I can easily adjust. I recently made the sandmans pouch and expect my class trinket soon enough. I'll try out your tips and see where it leads. I'll post some follow up parses as well to give some indication of the improvements.

Thanks again!

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Glad to help :) 


When you'll get the feeling of balance druid and become comfy in raiding - take a look at older boomkin help threads, there are a lot of info which might just be usefull for you to become even better boomkin :) 

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