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Need help with destro~

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stats and gear (armory not working atm): http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/player/eu/shattered_hand/harlleen


Log for most recent H Achi: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/CJQbaFqPcyhGAV8Z


most recent raid: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/y3xL67ZpkBN9VQhD#fight=4


Newly rerolled lock (3 month) i'm really at a loss about why my dps is so low and would really appreciate some help. 


I feel i'm doing ok with afflict, and with destro on gorfiend, iskar, socr, at least the number aren't that far behind, but specifically on fight like achi manno and xhul, i'm just lagging behind so much compared to others. Really desperate for help now.

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Big things that jump out at me right away looking at your lack of Fire and Brimstone and how few Shadowburns you were able to cleave using Havoc.


Those are huge loses to your DPS.

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Will leave that question for someone else to explain better but on a fight that has a constant supply of adds you should be able to get more SBs though you will be in direct competition with the other 3 locks, rets and hunters etc. You just need to be faster/smarter than them. I always lost out to my last guild lock but then I got the damage back in other areas. Do you have obvious nameplates for mobs in execute and a mouseover macro?


So 12 Havocs casted in 6:33 minutes. Through them you managed to copy 6 CBs and 1 SB (this is assuming you are not casting CBs that disappear post cast when the target dies). Are you tracking the buff stacks of Havoc? It may be a revelation


Other other major things that jump out to me above what Drkdragon says are:


One possible missed usage of Dark Soul


(Ring person ideally should sync with BL/Hero better). However, your Doomy should be fully up for ring and most of BL/Hero and with your second potion


Immolate uptime


Lack of CBs in DS, aim for way more! Are you casting much in DSI either?


Do you feel you need Unending Resolve? Only using it once against 10% less damage is a poor trade off for the healers in my opinion


Do you have another trinket apart from the class one? GSR or perhaps even an UGoS?


Your uptime was only 68% and probably rarely at 5 stacks so if you are hitting adds, which probably should be your priority. then the class one makes little sense. Or you need to work on maintaining 5 stacks better and sacrifice some Incinerate add damage. I haven't got it yet so I do not know what is the best way to go.  


Hope this helps

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Thanks a lot for the help! 


I'm still getting used to dumping CB during trinkets/buffs, def need way more practice on that. Unfortunately i do not have a replacement trinket at hc lvl, so practicing keeping the buffs up atm. 


I have a tidyplate set up that makes low hp mob way more obvious, but its really hard trying to snipe SB on them, even when its a big add with all the locks and hunters we have. Most of the time can only get off 1, 2 if lucky so i'm really unsure if i should use havoc on them.

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