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Archimonde is a fairly poor fight for Ret Paladins because it's simply so long. The longer the fight, the less likely we're able to consistently use our charges of spell_holy_avenginewrath.jpgAvenging Wrath. My advice on Archimonde would be to use a standard rotation for your spell_holy_avenginewrath.jpgAvenging Wrath charges. The standard rotation I typically use is using an Avenging Wrath every one minute in order for it to line up with spell_paladin_executionsentence.jpgExecution Sentence.


The big kicker is whether or not you're assigned to go down into the Twisting Nether or not. Do not use any cooldowns down here if you're going. You don't need to. You want to pool all your avenging wrath charges when you enter phase 3 in order to make the big dps check at the start of phase 4.


When adds start spawning in phase 2, switch to spell_holy_righteousnessaura.jpgSeal of Righteousness and begin using a cleave rotation which would be weaving ability_paladin_divinestorm.jpgDivine Storm after every ability_paladin_finalverdict.jpgFinal Verdict. The reason you use spell_holy_righteousnessaura.jpgSeal of Righteousness instead of truth here is so you can apply Fel Burn to all the adds, which can add a considerable amount of damage over time. Also, never use ability_paladin_divinestorm.jpgDivine Storm without both ability_paladin_finalverdict.jpgFinal Verdict and ability_paladin_divinestorm.jpgDivine Crusader buffs. The reason for this is that the burst is often higher and more significant than using two ability_paladin_divinestorm.jpgDivine Storms in a row. The only time I'd recommend doing that is if adds are about to die and you won't be able to weave another ability_paladin_finalverdict.jpgFinal Verdict before ability_paladin_divinestorm.jpgDivine Storm. So, following the standard wings rotation and pooling during phase 3, you should be able to use all your cooldowns with lust and your 2nd potion when you enter phase 4. Definitely chains wings together during lust in order to get the most out of your cooldowns. I also recommend using either Unending Hunger or Libram of Vindication (when you pick it up), over Discordant Chorus. The cleave trinket, while it may look appealing, is actually somewhat underwhelming on fights that don't have more than 3 adds consistently. The phase with adds on Archimonde is so brief it's not worth using it, but it's a fine alternative if you don't have the other trinkets. Even mythic Vial of Convulsive Shadows performs better, given it allows for massive burst during Vial of Convulsive Shadows times its up.


Looking at your Fel Lord pull, your average kill time is a big factor into pulling higher DPS. Since Ret Paladins generally fall off after their extended burst period if you decide to chain wings, having fights around 3 to 4 minutes can really mess up your wing rotation if you don't correctly gauge how fast the boss is gonna die. For this fight, however, you definitely want to use ability_paladin_seraphim.jpgSeraphim instead of ability_paladin_finalverdict.jpgFinal Verdict. ability_paladin_seraphim.jpgSeraphim performs the strongest on pure single target encounters and preferably shorter encounters like Fel Lord.


Definitely practice your ability_paladin_seraphim.jpgSeraphim rotation before using it in a real scenario, although real experience often outweighs practice. To make ability_paladin_seraphim.jpgSeraphim shine, you want to aim for at least 40-45% uptime and make sure you have your opener down to a science. Your opener is very crucial to making ability_paladin_seraphim.jpgSeraphim work. Open with Judgement -> Crusader Strike -> Exorcism -> Execution Sentence -> spell_holy_avenginewrath.jpgAvenging Wrath -> Hammer of Wrath -> Crusader Strike -> ability_paladin_seraphim.jpgSeraphim, then continue as you would normally. Given your current performances on Fel Lord, I would use your first charge of spell_holy_avenginewrath.jpgAvenging Wrath at the beginning and line it up with Execution Sentence and ability_paladin_seraphim.jpgSeraphim. Use ability_paladin_seraphim.jpgSeraphim after 30 seconds, but don't use your next spell_holy_avenginewrath.jpgAvenging Wrath. Line up your second spell_holy_avenginewrath.jpgAvenging Wrath with Execution Sentence and then chain all of the rest afterwards. You never want to use ability_paladin_seraphim.jpgSeraphim without spell_holy_avenginewrath.jpgAvenging Wrath, so keep that in mind. Properly gauge Fel Lord's health to see if you need to hold your spell_holy_avenginewrath.jpgAvenging Wrath charges however. You want to have at least one available during your lust period during his soft enrage. Also when you're chaining together your spell_holy_avenginewrath.jpgAvenging Wrath charges with ability_paladin_seraphim.jpgSeraphim, always make sure you stop spending holy power when ability_paladin_seraphim.jpgSeraphim has >4 seconds on its cooldown. The reason because of this is so you can make sure you have 5 Holy Power the second it comes off cooldown. Wasting a single Hammer of Wrath or Crusader Strike will make up the difference of missing that one Templar's Verdict and having your ability_paladin_seraphim.jpgSeraphim be properly aligned with your cooldowns, trust me.


Definitely practice your ability_paladin_seraphim.jpgSeraphim opener and rotation for Fel Lord and try to follow some of the tips I mentioned for Archimonde. Never worry too much about your DPS if you can perform mechanics correctly. DPS will improve over time with good practice and experience. Only worry if it becomes a notorious problem. For you, it doesn't seem like a notorious problem though, so keep up the good work. I hope everything I mentioned helps you in the future.

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