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Guide advises: Simultaneous runes for same skill?

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Hello guys,


I was reading:



In the guide you're told the following: "e.pngTogether as One is the foundation of your Toughness, while the c.pngAncients' Fury rune (acquired through gear) is the basis of Fury management."

What does he mean with "acquired through gear"?


You're also told to use: p3_unique_bracer_105_demonhunter_male.pnBracers of the First Men and unique_bracer_007_x1_demonhunter_male.pnStrongarm Bracers

.. I can't change them in combat and nowhere does it say they are situational. Am I missing something?

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It's explained further in the guide, and can be missed if you read too fast.

'Ancients' Fury' rune is acquired through gear using Fury of the Ancients shoulder piece as seen in the "Best in Slot" section. 

As for the wrist pieces, also explains that Strongarm Bracers is best in slot, and that Bracers of the First Men is used in Kanai's Cube, towards the end of the guide.

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