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Rupture still Snapshot?

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Hi Mates :>


does rupture still snapshot or not?

officaly snapshot doesnt exist any more. 

does someone realy know that? :< 


it feels like it does still ^^ 


greetings smO


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I'm around 90% certain that it does not, but I don't have any real proof. The only skill from Rogues that I believe still "snapshots" is Hemo's bleed, simply because it bases the damage off the strength of the original hit

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Once I get my hands to a Mastery enchant, I can test this for ya. Just need for my gf make one..........




After a few times testing, it doesn't snapshot - it's dynamic. Once you get buffs, the damage is automatically increased.


Tested this with an Agi proc trinket, Vers on use trinket and Mastery enchant on weps, all separated,with no venoms. Environment were 2 dummies, 1 for combat proccing and 1 for Rupture alone, so I could watch damage.


All three modified damage (Agi, Vers and Mastery) when procced changed the bleed damage of Rupture on the fly. I cancelled each manually and it decreased.

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