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Askmrrobot and tuning

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Does Ask Mr robot still viable for tuning gear?


after great disappointed from Demo as i expected, i decided to stay as i am

Desto mainly and Affliction to certain fights..


there is a warlock in my guild who play affliction with every fight

and he pulls very high numbers much higher then me and we have same ilvl

i asked him what is his secret

and he said that he has 30%+ haste which is way higher then me

since i'm mainly Destro my haste is very low

because i favor mastery and crit mostly


he said i should reach first to 26% haste then put every thing on mastery

i don't really know where he got that number

but it works perfect for him


so i checked with ask mr robot

and he suggested i should replace all my mastery enchants and gems into haste

in that case i can reach 31.64% haste but with a great loss to mastery.

and i wander if it worth a try..


i made some changes with my current gear without changing any enchant

and i got to 25.51% haste and could see a major difference in Fel Lord Zekun hc fight

unfortunately, i don't have logs


should i make any change at all?

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Haste is best for Aff single target and is *technically speaking* the best DPS stat for Aff, because of this AMR will almost always give it a VERY high weight, however this is not actually totally true.


Mastery scales MUCH better with Aff for additional targets and is only slightly behind haste for single target, because of this and the fact that haste has almost zero value to destro the generally idea is to get as much mastery as you can get and whatever else falls in to crit since crit isn't bad for aff and is great for destro.


Personally I have never trusted AMR because it has a long history across multiple classes of being broken or untrustworthy. I haven't tried it or worked with it much in WoD since there really isn't any reason to use it anymore.



TL;DR Mastery>crit>haste>vert for Aff and destro. If he has the same ilvl as you and pulling "way higher" there is an issue with your play, not your gear.

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