problem of switching character in the game

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I want to make a game which is for two players. when I press the button, the character which was chosen by 1P will move, after that if I press the button again, the character which was chosen by 2P will move, too. Just like the monopoly.

I finished the menu which is for character selection, and it can work nomarlly. The system can determine what character is for 1P and 2P.

There is a script called "Move". It is attached to every character and it can let character move after click the button. Script "Move" is successful,too. Unfortunately, it only can work normally when just one player.

So, I have a problem, The process "switch character" is failed, can someone help me to solve this?

This is my script called "DiceNumber". this script is used to create a random number and is attached to an empty game object:

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