Use TellMeWhen to track combo points?

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I have just started leveling a rogue, coming from a player who has leveleed every range in the game, this is a big change.  I am enjoying rogue so far, but trying to watch the number of combo points that I have is a big headache-the little dots on the enemy portari, even moved to the lower part of the screen where I can watch it better-are just so small.  It is a nuisence to track.


I have been using TellMeWhen to track by buffs and debuffs, but I wanted to know if anyone has an idea on how to set it to show me a number for how many combo points that I have at a time-or to flash an icon when I am at 5?

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I'd use Carrn's WA strings, they're supa easy to set up and rather clean UI-wise. But with TMW, it can also be done.


Doing a quick search, I've found this video. It's not what you asked, but gives you an idea of how to mess up with TMW (if you don't know already - info's always useful).


As for creating the CPs you asked for, probably it's something that you can get away usually with setting up conditional verification over "power" or "resource", but since TMW only uses skill icons, I'm unsure on how you can exactly display it.




There's also a functionality in WoW's interface where you can make the game throw you info when you acquire CPs (or any resource) just like damage or heals (floating combat text).

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Yeah I'm not exactly sure how to use TMW, but the resource Lip posted seems to give a pretty decent introduction.


As he mentioned, I use WeakAuras myself and if you take a look at the top of this forum there's a thread about making a UI where I posted links to all of mine

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