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September Hero League Rankings - Srey #1 Again

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Blizzard has released a top 200 leaderboard for their preseason Heroes of the Storm ladder, and Icy Veins' Heroes of the Storm guide developer Srey is once again in first place! Congratulations to him on this achievement.


The full list can be found on the Heroes of the Storm site:


Blizzard Icon Preseason Leaderboards: September 2015


After the release of the August 2015 leaderboard, we’ve seen many players dive into Hero League, hoping to dash their way to the top of the leaderboards. Without further ado, feast your eyes on the Top 200 players for the month of September.


As a reminder, in order to be eligible for the leaderboard, players must meet the following criteria:

  • Play a minimum of 50 games
  • Must have reached Rank 1 in the month of September

The following players, representing the Americas region and ranked by MMR, are numbered below for your viewing pleasure.


Hero League

  1. Srey
  2. Strange
  3. McIntyre
  4. Kladeous
  5. erho
  6. Prismaticism
  7. Bebhead
  8. Khroen
  9. LordUrano
  10. Mirr
  11. Megalomaniac
  12. Killsky
  13. robadobah
  14. bigempct
  15. kumano
  16. GamesChess
  17. foerest
  18. chu8
  19. chu8
  20. Trinity
  21. Traitorr
  22. KingCaffeine
  23. Rincent
  24. Batterry
  25. Mysticleez
  26. Ratan
  27. Sashin
  28. KilluZiioN
  29. GOAT
  30. Hosty
  31. SleepyBear
  32. Rentaro
  33. Biceps
  34. Gizmo
  35. Subnova
  36. Rafflewaffle
  37. MichaelUdall
  38. jollygood
  39. Jeleto
  40. Nazmas
  41. Johz
  42. PerfectIsSht
  43. ItsBNasty
  44. Qué
  45. Saitoz
  46. DrunkSoraka
  47. TigerJK
  48. Colo1900
  49. Nittt
  50. Tarinai
  51. Jun
  52. Carnage
  53. PyratRum
  54. Eldgon
  55. zugrug
  56. Sirius
  57. Smikies
  58. Wiz
  59. Ninja
  60. HandleBars
  61. Jschritte
  62. SUMbobori
  64. Amakel
  66. PepsiCola
  67. Nervi
  68. Revolv2Solve
  69. Shot
  70. Unitedterror
  71. Ubnik
  72. CarlTheLlama
  73. betoxd
  74. Volt
  75. Zixz
  76. ClunkyMonkey
  77. TalkingTrees
  78. HelenHunt
  79. akaface
  80. Umadibet
  81. Meteora
  82. Taxadar
  83. protoges
  84. Yuuj
  85. Shales
  86. CptScrewball
  87. worldclass
  88. SharK
  89. xcyteZ
  90. alan
  91. Malheven
  92. Morter
  93. AlexCMoi
  94. stevetorious
  95. Dayun
  96. Dotod
  97. FakerFangirl
  98. YoDa
  99. Tei
  100. Taliant
  101. Meadow
  102. takada
  103. oMrXo
  104. BAECITY
  105. Botha
  106. Bluecrayon
  107. Arcaner
  108. Clawed
  109. tn2389
  110. Darkened
  111. Hack
  112. Sunshine
  113. TommyShark
  114. Raptur3
  115. Onlyhope
  116. Shadowkira
  117. stj
  118. Chrisylo
  119. Hikisaka
  120. Naryt
  121. EzSkillshot
  122. sleepy
  123. Lightbringer
  124. FrozenX
  125. Éricke
  126. Deltron
  127. Pkchu
  128. Zerato
  129. Odukgalion
  130. insomnia
  131. haeun
  132. hiimrick
  133. bnc
  134. NadeBot
  135. FATE
  136. KainDurain
  137. Yewki
  138. Insyder
  139. Nurok
  140. Cris
  141. Harmless
  142. Kemet
  143. mewnfare
  144. Capricorn
  145. Kcramal
  146. Rhaeyn
  147. Naeiou
  148. Deschain
  149. Sios
  150. Bucklucky
  151. Kruvin
  152. erytnIcM
  153. Micro
  154. Darkchimaera
  155. Jaemz
  156. Bassdrop
  157. DeMiSe000
  158. EmberStrike
  159. Cavalry
  160. LexUther
  161. Neeew
  162. JimJam
  163. Novus
  164. Toejamnearl
  165. Metales
  166. PentaUnleash
  167. TonePhone
  168. Seraphim
  169. blueb00ger
  170. sharper
  171. Etanclan
  172. Irlpwner
  173. JimmyLv
  174. SneakyTurtle
  175. kjai
  176. Dominus
  177. TRUE
  178. PIS
  179. Kachi
  180. PaperTofu
  181. Kalabunga
  182. Deadlyice
  183. cwCwCW
  184. Tsukima
  185. Doomzito
  186. Jim
  187. JMDj
  188. kinkyfairy
  189. MadCat
  190. Saturnine
  191. KingofSkillz
  192. allstarz
  193. Dragont3mp
  194. Wargreymon
  195. Ith
  196. Mihr
  197. Fate
  198. Illuzion
  199. Gary3k
  200. TribalZ


  1. Insyder
  2. Kouto
  3. Fenix
  4. Wraith
  5. Arakho
  6. Sunshine
  8. Ballinbeast
  9. Trummel
  10. h0ns
  11. cattlepillar
  12. Blinks
  13. Jaximus
  14. Grandork
  15. Hydra
  16. Mysticleez
  17. DarkPantherz
  18. Rasako
  19. Hikisaka
  20. Metales
  21. LordUrano
  22. Srey
  23. Khroen
  24. Smikies
  25. Jeleto
  26. Gizmo#
  27. Batterry
  28. Kladeous
  29. Yuuj
  30. ChimneyBaus
  31. SoupMaster
  32. Roflcopter
  33. Kaegok
  34. Taxadar
  35. Ikkyy
  36. TalkingTrees
  37. Traitorr
  38. Malheven
  39. Megalomaniac
  40. Chrisylo
  41. Axiom
  42. ConcreteJab
  43. erho
  44. WiLT3D
  45. Avan
  46. Yewki
  47. Jynx
  48. Evileye
  49. Toejamnearl
  50. Theoculus
  51. nightmare
  52. HandleBars
  53. JoaoGrandao
  54. Perseverance
  55. MicroManage
  56. JamesFranco
  57. Prometheus
  58. Frustrated
  59. insomnia
  60. Shupler
  61. Dotod
  62. CragHack
  63. Nittt
  64. Landoman
  65. AlexCMoi
  66. Eri
  67. DaSakura
  68. Juninhogdc
  69. MFoo
  70. sueko
  71. Logoz
  72. Xinso
  73. Jun
  74. TonePhone
  75. lozeng
  76. Retrubtion
  77. Beargeist
  78. NadeBot
  79. SagaZ
  80. Ozzy
  81. Naryt
  82. Stylent
  83. Kraze
  84. Ryxie
  85. Bhara
  86. Necrollyte
  87. Gar
  88. Komatix
  89. Tarinai
  90. Tomster
  91. EmberStrike
  92. Sios
  93. iSpiritWolf
  94. Crunkjuice
  95. haeun
  96. EscapingJail
  97. FakerFangirl
  98. Mute
  99. Alone
  100. UnusuaL
  101. EnzoDiLucca
  102. DämonenJäger
  103. BillCollings
  104. Jyve
  105. Saitoz
  106. kumano
  107. Risenbane
  108. Acradem
  109. Darkchimaera
  110. CHUNKY911
  111. Bobori
  112. Strange
  113. DEUS
  114. Aki
  115. DocDestroy
  116. Nomis
  117. Halfbreed
  118. hamchook
  119. DoomFate
  120. FatherMajor
  121. Bile
  122. Deltron
  123. Kosoya
  124. Shikasta
  125. Bomberdawg
  126. Dawgenstien
  127. Kero
  128. Neeew
  129. Steven
  130. Altoholic
  131. Dragon1414
  132. PIS
  133. Kruvin
  134. Ultimated
  135. betoxd
  136. SSkuLL
  137. Reinner
  138. Sperbeck
  139. Hosen
  140. vietking
  141. Mirana
  142. Arcaner
  143. Coffeerage
  144. Tytherius
  145. Mario
  146. BroMontana
  147. Nessper
  148. hx9
  149. Seraphim
  150. Immoralfeife
  151. KilicK
  152. bigempct
  153. Tylan
  154. CarlTheLlama
  155. Illusionist
  156. Mastersistem
  157. Kcramal
  158. Maximiano
  159. CodyNemz
  160. Shales
  161. Molsons
  162. Ruckle
  163. Wartortle
  164. Diamond
  165. Statutory
  166. MjaM
  167. Fozi
  168. Enaigon
  169. xau
  170. GummiBear
  171. Tarik
  172. BlueAbyss
  173. Ith
  174. LzGaMeR
  175. Kangorth
  176. AyyLMAO
  177. Benjamin94
  178. robadobah
  179. DasDo0kie
  180. Pkchu
  181. Fekt
  182. Rags
  183. Sashin
  184. Basickz
  185. Vodkacho
  186. Naeiou
  187. Chop
  188. Jschritte
  189. King
  190. Kobu
  191. Homunculus
  192. Aether
  193. RhyNgoh
  194. AiZanDe
  195. Éricke
  196. Dougz
  197. Kirbyteam
  198. SamuraiDrak
  199. valha
  200. galefrost

Congratulations to those who have secured top slots in their respective leagues.  We’ll see you next month for the October leaderboard!


Please join us in congratulating Srey on his top performance once again!

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      When queued as a party, the Storm League matchmaker will look for matches based solely on the highest player's MMR in the upcoming patch to prevent Master/GM boosting.
      Since there was no mention of changes to Storm League in the PTR Patch Notes, I felt forced to create this thread. Storm League has been in an absolutely unacceptable state for months now and there is no sign of acknowledgement or reaction by the Devs until now.
      At least a dozen accounts in EU Grandmaster were boosted by stacking with lower MMR smurfs to their rank and who knows how many more boosted accounts are below that. At one point during this season even the top 3 GMs in EU were all boosted accounts with insanely high winrates (85%+).
      This has "inspired" more and more players to do the same and if nothing happens the ladder will soon be overrun by boosted players and smurfs if it isn't already. This is a problem that occurs probably at all ranks but it's the most glaring in Master and GM.
      The new season hasn't started yet and there is still time to try to fix things. Make Masters duo only again (solo would be ideal but I guess compromises have to be made) and put a point restriction between the two duo partners (3-5k points difference at max).
      Don't let the Ranked system be a complete joke and restore at least a bit of integrity.
      Good afternoon Reddit friends,
      I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it)! Your concerns about this are not falling on def ears, and we have something planned for the next patch: When queued as a party, Storm League will now look for matches based solely on the highest player's MMR.
      While we know that this isn't a 'silver bullet' fix for all types of account smurfing, it should help make trying to climb the leaderboard feel more fair for both parties and individuals.
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      The latest Heroes of the Storm Hero is, in fact, Hogger from World of Warcraft. The patch also removes the Gladiator's Medallion Nexus anomaly.
      Hogger Hero Spotlight
      The infamous Chieftain of the Riverpaw pack and the scourge of Elwynn Forest is now playable! Strap on your [Studded Leather Belt of the Wolf], sharpen your shiniest common dagger, and abandon all hope, ye Elwynn adventurers who dare enter here. Hogger has abandoned his hill and is headed straight for the Nexus!
      Here are the preliminary PTR notes for the latest update.
      Our next Heroes of the Storm patch has just hit the Public Test Realm and will be available for playtesting until November 30, PST. As always, if you encounter any bugs during your PTR play sessions, please stop by the PTR Bug Report forum to let us know about your experiences.
      New Hero: Hogger, Scourge of Elwynn
      Hogger, a chaotic, mobile, bruiser who creates terrain and deals heavy area damage, now joins the battle in the Nexus!
      Trait [D]
      Loot Hoard Throw a pile of junk that deals 102 damage in a small area and acts as terrain for 5 seconds. Upon expiration, a scrap of Meat is dislodged from the Hoard that Hogger can collect to restore 3% of his maximum Health every second for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds. Trait [Passive]
      Rage Rage is gained by taking damage or dealing Basic Attack damage. Hogger’s Basic Ability cooldowns refresh 1% faster for every 2 points of Rage. After 3 seconds of not gaining Rage, it begins to quickly decay. Basic Abilities
      Staggering Blow [Q] Swing your chain in a wide arc, dealing 140 damage to enemies hit and knocking them away. If an enemy collides with terrain, they are dealt an additional 150 damage, Stunned for .75 seconds, and grant Hogger 10 Rage. Cooldown: 12 seconds. Ez-Thro Dynamite [W] Toss a boot full of Dynamite with a 1.5 second fuse. Upon detonation, enemies take 180 damage and are Slowed by 30% for 2 seconds. The Dynamite instantly detonates when landing directly on an enemy Hero and grants Hogger 10 Rage. Cooldown: 8 seconds. Hogg Wild [E] After .25 seconds, become Unstoppable and uncontrollably spin towards the targeted direction, ricocheting off any terrain encountered. Every .25 seconds, deal 36 damage to nearby enemies, increased by 1% for each current point of Rage. Ricocheting off terrain refreshes the duration of the spin. Cooldown: 14 seconds. Heroic Abilities
      Hoardapult [R1] Launch an empowered Loot Hoard with Hogger attached, dealing 140 damage and Slowing enemies by 50% for 2 seconds. Hoardapult’s Loot Hoard lasts for up to 20 seconds, but decays rapidly while Hogger isn’t nearby. Every 10 seconds Hogger can take a chunk of Meat from the Loot Hoard. Cooldown: 50 seconds. Shockwave [R2] After .5 seconds, slam the ground, sending out a shockwave that travels in a long line. Enemies hit by the initial slam take 306 damage and are Stunned for 1.25 seconds. Enemies only hit by the shockwave take 210 damage and are Stunned for .75 seconds. Cooldown: 70 seconds. Talent
      Level 1 Journeyman Cooking [W] Quest: Hitting an enemy Hero with Ez-Thro Dynamite restores 6% of Hogger’s maximum Health and permanently increases Hogger’s Health by 10, to a maximum of 750 bonus Health. Bones to Gnaw [Trait] Loot Hoard creates Meat on ground impact. While Meat is active, gain 10 armor. On The Prowl [Active] Activate to gain 30 Rage over 8 seconds. Passive: Hogger heals for 6 Health every second, increased by 2% for each point of Rage he has. Cooldown: 45 seconds. Level 4 Brute Strength [Q] Increase the range of Loot Hoard by 15%. Each Hero hit by Staggering Blow will permanently increase Hogger’s Basic Attack damage by 1, up to 100 bonus damage. Terrain collision impacts grant 2 stacks of this effect. Aggro Range [E] Increase Hogg Wild’s area by 25% and generate 1 Rage per enemy hit, increased to 3 against Heroes. Hogger’s Joggers [Passive] While at or above 30 Rage, Hogger gains 10% increased Movement Speed and healing received. When above 50 Rage, increase these bonuses to 15%. Level 7 Seeing Red [Q/E] While above 50 Rage, Staggering Blow and Hogg Wild’s cooldowns refresh 30% faster and Hogger gains 25% increased Attack Speed. Dense Blasting Powder [W] Direct hits launch an additional stack of dynamite beyond the target. Hitting an Ez-Thro Dynamite with Staggering Blow launches 3 sticks of Dynamite. Garbage Fire [W/Trait] Reduce the cooldown of Loot Hoard by 4 seconds. Loot Hoard deals 22 damage every .5 seconds and Slows nearby enemies by 20% in a large area. Level 13 Dust Devil [E] Hogg Wild grants 40 Armor while active and for 3 seconds after it ends. Increase this Armor value to 60 if Hogger has 50 or more Rage. Pummel [E] Enemies hit by Hogg Wild are Slowed by 10% for 1.5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Heroes hit also have their Spell Power reduced by 50% for 3 seconds. Bloodthirst [Passive] Hogger is healed for 33% of the damage dealt to Heroes by Basic Attacks, Hogg Wild, and Staggering Blow. Level 16 Headbanger [Q] Heroes that collide with terrain from Staggering Blow take an additional 8% of maximum health as damage and are stunned for an additional .5 seconds. Kablooie! [W] Direct Hits with Ez-Thro Dynamite deal 40% more damage, reduce its cooldown by 1.5 seconds and increase its Slow amount to 50%. [Passive] Ez-Thro Dynamite’s range is increased by 25%. Furzerker [Passive] Hitting Heroes with Staggering Blow or Ez-Thro Dynamite increases the damage of Hogger’s next Basic Attack by 50%. Stacking up to 2 Basic Attacks. When Hogg Wild ends, Hogger gains 30% Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Level 20 Secret Stash [R1] Every 2 seconds, Hoardapult’s Loot Hoard launches Ez-Thro Dynamite towards a random nearby enemy Hero. Every 5 seconds, a chunk or Meat is also launched towards Hogger. Power Spike [R2] Each Hero hit by Shockwave has their Armor reduced by 15 for 4 seconds and grants Hogger 20 Rage. [Passive] Shockwave’s cooldown is affected by Rage. No Control [E] Activate to cast an untalented Hogg Wild and chase an enemy Hero. After reaching the Hero, Hogger will switch to chasing another nearby enemy Hero. If no other enemy Heroes are within range of a chase target, this abilities’ duration will begin to rapidly decay. Lasts for up to 6 seconds. Cannot be canceled. 60 second cooldown. Anger Management [Passive] Increase Hogger’s maximum Rage by 50. Basic Attacks generate 5 additional Rage. Nexus Anomaly
      Many seasonal items will be returning to the collection, and will be available for crafting and in Loot Chests for a limited time!
      New Bundles (Limited Time Only!) Hogger Heroic Bundle Winter Veil Classic Bundle Returning Bundles (Limited Time Only!) Toys 2018 Bundle Toys 2019 Bundle New Skins Stormwind Hogger Redridge Hogger Duskwood Hogger Shipwrecker Hogger Admiral Shipwrecker Hogger Drowned Shipwrecker Hogger Stately Shipwrecker Hogger New Mounts Bottleship Grog Bottleship Seaweed Bottleship New Announcer Hogger Announcer New Content Several new Portraits, Emoji Packs and other items have been added to the Collection! Storm League
      Storm League Reward Mounts The final reward of the 2020 Season 5 Questline will be the Quillbear Mount, which will be awarded after winning 35 games in Ranked Play. Heroes
      Level 1 Hyper Shift [Z] Bonus healing reduced from 10% to 8% maximum Health. Imperius
      Health reduced from 2450 to 2375. Health Regeneration reduced from 5.11 to 4.95. Talents
      Level 7 Blaze of Glory [W] Damage increased from 135 to 150. Jaina
      Level 7 Icefury Wand [Passive] Adjusted functionality: Basic Attacks against Chilled targets deal 50% bonus damage and reduce the cooldown of Blizzard by 1.25 seconds, doubled against enemy Heroes. Sonya
      Level 4 Shattered Ground [W] Damage increased from 100% to 125% of Seismic Slam’s base damage. Level 13 Ruthless [E] Now shows Crit kickers when bonus damage is dealt. Health threshold for bonus damage increased from 33% to 50%. Level 16 Giant Slammer [W] Damage increased from 1.25% to 1.5% maximum Health. Thrall
      Level 4 Feral Resilience [W] Physical Armor increased from 50 to 75. Level 13 Spirit Shield [Active] Spell Armor duration increased from 1.5 to 2.5 seconds. Level 20 Worldbreaker [R1] Cooldown reduction increased from 20 to 40 seconds. Bug Fixes
      Fixed an issue where Alarak could become Protected and move without proccing Counter-Strike’s cooldown.
    • By Staff
      The second teaser has just been posted by Blizzard and it looks like we really might get Hogger next.
      Teaser 2
      There's a Wanted poster with an axe in it that references Hogger's location World of Warcraft.

      Teaser 1

    • By Staff
      Blizzard today posted the first teaser for an upcoming Hero on Twitter.
      Teaser 1 depicts a Murloc skeleton. The community has already started speculating about who the new Hero might be. Some think it may be Hogger. If Blizzard follows their usual schedule, we will get the second teaser tomorrow, with the Hero being unveiled Monday.

      Source: Twitter
    • By Staff
      Blizzard today released a balance patch for Heroes of the Storm. Check out the official patch notes for more details!
      Heroes of the Storm has just been updated with Hero balance changes! Read on for details.
      Quick Navigation:
      Heroes Battlegrounds Heroes
      TANK BRUISER HEALER MELEE RANGED Anub'arak Chen Alexstrasza Alarak Azmodan Mal'Ganis Dehaka     Falstad   D.Va     Lunara   Gazlowe     Orphea   Leoric     Sgt. Hammer   Malthael     Sylvanas   Varian     Tychus Return to Top
      Level 20 Hive Master [R1] Damage increased from 153 to 165. Healing increased from 50 to 80. Cryptweave [R2] Additional functionality: Upon exiting the Cocoon, enemies take 50 damage over 4 seconds. This damage is increased by 100% for each second that they were inside. Hardened Shield [Active] Removed. New Talent: The Traitor King [Active] Gain 10% bonus maximum Health and 20 Spell Armor. Activate to gain 75 Armor for 4 seconds. 60-second CD. Return to Top
      Health increased from 2450 to 2550. Health Regeneration increased from 5.11 to 5.31. Talents
      Level 4 Echo of Doom [W] Damage increased from 60 to 66. Return to Top
      Level 1 Freshest Ingredients [Trait] Cooldown reduction upon quest completion increased from 1 to 2 seconds. Level 4 Deadly Strike [Q] Damage bonus increased from 100% to 125%. Level 7 Gift of the Ox [E] Damage taken over time reduced from 60% to 50% of damage taken. Return to Top
      Dark Swarm [W] Damage increased from 49 to 52. Talents
      Level 13 and 20 talents have been reordered to follow our normal conventions (Q, W, E, etc.) Level 4 Lurker Strain [E] Cooldown reduction increased from 4 to 6 seconds. Level 7 Paralyzing Enzymes [Q] Slow amount increased from 30% to 35%. Level 13 Primal Rage [Trait] Damage bonus increased from 1% to 1.25% per Essence stored. Level 20 Change Is Survival [R2] Cooldown reduction increased from 30 to 40 seconds. Apex Predator [Z] Cooldown reduction increased from 35 to 50 seconds. Return to Top
      Level 4 Rush-down [Q] Damage and healing against enemy Heroes reduced from 3% to 2% maximum Health. Damage bonus to non-Heroic enemies reduced from 75% to 70%. Return to Top
      Rock-It! Turret [Q] Damage reduced from 40 to 38. Deth Lazor [W] Damage reduced from 184 to 180. Talents
      Level 1 Big Game Hunter [Trait] Cooldown reduction reduced from 2 to 1.5 seconds. Level 4 Rock It Sock It [Q] Shield amount reduced from 215 to 200. Level 13 Superior Schematics [Q] Splash damage reduced from 75% to 60%. Level 16 Ark Reaktor [E] Cooldown reduction reduced from 3 to 2 seconds. Return to Top
      Basic Attack damage increased from 109 to 115. Talents
      Level 13 Unyielding Despair [W] Cooldown reduction while Drain Hope is active increased from .5 to .75 seconds. Cooldown reduction if Drain Hope lasts its full duration reduced from 3 to 2 seconds. Level 20 Hardened Bones [W] Removed. Burning Despair [W] Added Crit kickers when Burning Despair deals bonus damage during Drain Hope. Additional functionality: While Drain Hope is active, gain 40 Armor. Shroud of the Dead King [Active] Cooldown reduced from 30 to 25 seconds. Return to Top
      Level 4 Throwing Shade [E] Additional functionality: Death Shroud’s initial impact deals 2% maximum Health as damage. Level 16 Memento Mori [Trait] Damage bonus increased from 80% to 90%. Return to Top
      Health increased from 2116 to 2220. Health Regeneration increased from 4.41 to 4.63. Talents
      Level 1 Lion's Maw [Q] Damage bonus increased from 5 to 6 per stack. High King's Quest [Passive] Regeneration Globe collection requirement for quest completion reduced from 20 to 15. Level 20 Demoralizing Shout [Active] Cooldown reduced from 25 to 20 seconds. Return to Top
      Abundance [W] Range increased from 10 to 11.5. Preservation [W] Range increased from 10.5 to 11.5. Return to Top
      Melee Assassin
      Level 16 Mocking Strikes [Passive] Adjusted functionality: Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes reduce the cooldown of Alarak’s Basic Abilities by 1.5 seconds. This bonus is doubled against enemy Heroes who are Stunned, Silenced, Slowed, or Rooted. Return to Top
      Ranged Assassin
      Talent bonuses related to All Shall Burn will now proc their effects if the target dies while All Shall Burn is channeling on an enemy. This includes effects for Master of Destruction, Cydaea’s Kiss, Hell Rift, and Sin’s Grasp. Return to Top
      Level 1 Gathering Storm [Q] Damage bonus increased from 1.5 to 2. Level 4 Updraft [E] Shield bonus increased from 60% to 70%. Level 7 Secret Weapon [Q] Damage bonus increased from 80% to 90%. Level 10 Hinterland Blast [R1] Mana cost reduced from 100 to 80. Cooldown reduction when hitting enemy Heroes increased from 25 to 30 seconds. Level 20 Epic Mount [Z] Cooldown reduction increased from 40 to 50 seconds. Return to Top
      Level 4 Blossom Swell [Q] Adjusted functionality: Increase Noxious Blossom’s range by 25% and its radius by 20%. Blossom Swell applies 2 stacks of Nature’s Toxin to enemies hit. Level 16 Accelerated Contamination [Q] Adjusted functionality: Reduce the Mana cost of Noxious Blossom from 60 to 40. While at least 1 enemy Hero is afflicted by Nature’s Toxin, Noxious Blossom’s cooldown recharges 75% faster. Starwood Spear [W] Adjusted functionality: Increase Lunara’s Basic Attack range by .5. Using Crippling Spores increases Lunara’s Basic Attack range by an additional 2.25 for 6 seconds. Return to Top
      Level 4 Allegrissimo [Q] Additional functionality: Reduce the cooldown of Shadow Waltz by 1 second. Level 7 Insatiable [W] Cooldown on successful Chomp hit changed from 1.5 to 2 seconds. Level 20 Monster Within [R1] New functionality: Eternal Feast grants 1 Chaos each time it hits a Hero. While Eternal Feast is active, the cooldowns of Orphea’s Basic Abilities recharge 150% faster. Engulfing Oblivion [R2] Armor reduction duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds. Final Toccata [Active] Cooldown reduced from 30 to 20 seconds. Return to Top
      Sgt. Hammer
      Level 1 Maelstrom Rounds [Active] Bonus damage reduced from 35% to 30%. Cooldown increased from 90 to 100 seconds. Additional functionality: Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes while in Siege Mode reduce the cooldown of Maelstrom Rounds by 5 seconds. Level 4 Barricade [W] Cooldown reduction increased from 3 to 4 seconds. Level 7 Pulse Detonation Core [Q] Cooldown reduction increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds, and from 1.5 to 2.5 seconds while in Siege Mode. Graduating Range [Trait] Duration between Basic Attack range increases reduced from 3 to 2 seconds. Level 16 Mechanical Know-how [E] Shield amount increased from 5% to 20% maximum Health. Basic Attack damage reduced from 50% to 30%. No longer requires the Shield to be destroyed to gain bonus damage. Return to Top
      Level 10 Mind Control [R2] Cooldown reduced from 50 to 40 seconds. Mana cost reduced from 75 to 50. Level 20 Dark Lady's Call [R2] Cooldown reduction reduced from 30 to 25 seconds. Withering Barrage [Q] Additional functionality: Withering Fire applies Banshee’s Curse. Return to Top
      Level 1 Quarterback [W] Additional functionality: Increase the damage of Frag Grenade by 20%. Return to Top
      Warhead Junction
      Layout Changes Sewage Tunnels have been added to the top and bottom of the Battleground. The bottom one has replaced the Junk Swarm Host. An additional Sight Tower has been added below mid lane.
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