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Old Demo-lock, new S-priest and tons of questions.

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I've been lurking for as long as i have been playing WoW (since cata) finally register to ask questions and say thanks too while I'm at it.


I may not have all my questions at once as they often come along the way when I'm playing.


Do note, at the moment these are the talents I'm using. I don't have the class trinket nor do I have any set pieces. I have zero problem with single target rotation and I do not want to switch talents in between pulls.


T3 - 45   : Mindbender

T5 - 75   : PI

T6 - 90   : Cascade

T7 - 100 : AS


Questions : 

  1. Multi-targets fight : When you have high priority targets that spawn yet more that 4 targets, should you cast mindblast on them or keep casting SW : P on trash mobs and burn the high priority with DP//SW:P only. (ex. first fight of HFC)

    Choosing T3 : As it stands now (no T18 pieces, no trinket) I think and could be wrong, that Mindbender is a no brainer but I have been wondering ... 
  2. Surge of Darkness : Sometimes, I do not even have the time to cast mindblast and it has a higher priority than empowered mindspike (4+ targets) so it would seem like a total waste to ever choose this over mindbender?
  3. Insanity : Once I acquire the trinket and have to use mind flay for the debuff would it still trump mindbender if I don't have 2-T18?
  4. Trinket : Is the trinket seriously BIS? AFAIK it doesn't improve the damage of DP or SW:D. It kinda seems that for me to make use of it, I would need to switch to insanity, use 2-T18 and be in a fight with less than 4 targets.
  5. With an optimum setup, when would Searing Insanity trump over spamming SW:P and DP, if ever?


​That's it for now,

Thank you, once more.

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