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so I still feel that i might be missing something along the longs of improving my dps.

Any assistance will be appreciated.






I have seen some improvemnt since i have gotten the 4pc

Though i think i may need to swap out some items here and there.
just need to read up a bit more on what would be the optimal setup i can get with my current setup.

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It might be because of your haste. You're currently sitting at 8%, so about 13% raid buffed. While this is pretty okay, you're losing milliseconds on your GCDs, which may be causing you to lose Holy Power in the end. I would reroll your belt to be Feverflare so you can benefit from Haste/Mastery, which should boost your haste to 10%. This will allow you to fluidly cast Hammer of Wrath and Crusader Strike one after another, turning out a Final Verdict every three casts.


You always wanna use Crusader Strike over Judgement because it procs mastery, dealing more overall damage than Judgement.


Next would be your opener. This is my opener (up until my first Final Verdict).



If you notice, I cast Execution Sentence right before I use Avenging Wrath. This is so the final tick of Execution Sentence will benefit from the final 45%-50% damage buff from the godly 4 piece set as such.



Also as stated above, you'll notice that I always cast something in between my Hammers. It's usually always Crusader Strike because it benefits from mastery, but I've started to follow this opener: Execution Sentence -> Avenging Wrath -> Hammer of Wrath -> Crusader Strike -> Hammer of Wrath -> Judgement -> Hammer of Wrath -> Final Verdict -> Hammer of Wrath -> Final Verdict.


If you have just enough haste, which is usually about 10% unbuffed, this rotation if followed completely will allow your last Final Verdict to benefit from the 50% damage bonus. Even if you whiff slightly and it doesn't get boosted, your final Hammer of Wrath gets the buff. Getting both means your last Hammer of Wrath gets 45% following up by the 50% Final Verdict.


From your opener, I see a couple of issues. You do HoW -> Judgement -> HoW -> FV, which is good if you swap out Judgement for Crusader Strike, but after that you don't end up casting another Hammer until far after that.



The only exception where you'd want to skip a Hammer of Wrath is when you need to cast Judgement (granted you're specced into Long Arm) in order to get the speed boost to avoid some mechanic that's going to kill you (like Allure).


Your numbers are actually pretty good for your ilevel. You have a good weapon, good stats, and good trinkets. Just work on your Avenging Wrath cycles. Always cast Hammer of Wrath no matter what. It's your top priority spell and the strongest spell in your arsenal. It will always deal more damage than Final Verdict, so make sure to use it all the time when you can. It should never be off CD when it doesn't have to be! Good luck.

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Thanks for this.

it did help i think :)

here is my updated Armory

and logs from last night

I still feel that my rotation is still a way bit off from yours
especially with regards to the opening sequence.

i see your using SOR where i am using SOT.
does it make that much of a difference ? as i would only use SOR when there are 3+ add where as SOT was for single target.


I also have clcret addon running, but perhaps i need to find a new set of priorities for it as it was tuned for my 2-set bonus i had at the time. though I have been trying to ignore it and not rely on what it tells me.

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Using SoR on pull allows for fluid burst without seal swapping for maximum damage because of Orb and deathcaller being so close to pull

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