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Boomkin class trinket - Mastery or Crit?

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I'm using (mostly) WF DSI and normal SoC and Mr Robot is telling me stack crit, I'm very reluctant to move form mastery to crit - anyone done the move and got any tangible results?

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I moved from mastery to crit and noticed little difference.  Had a few pulls where I got lucky with crit during buffs, but the chance is low.  Switched to haste for more starsurge procs, more casts during eclipses (especially on pull and buff cds), higher 4-piece dmg as well as more completed casts during movement phases.  Not going back (though still using mastery for weapon).


All mastery 95% parse (heroic):



Haste enchants 95% parse (mythic):



And I use mythic DSI and h SOC on every fight (have had higher numbers on tyrant and kormrok with soc over mythic dsi/mythic piston despite what the theorycrafters say).

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Mastery is better for any fight you can hit extra mobs with starfall and dots. Crit/haste is better for single target. So since most of the fights are geared to multitarget, mastery wins out and you use piston to get a bit more for single target.

Anywhere you're going to hit an additional target with starfall will make SoC stronger than piston with a mastery build. So velhari makes sense.

Myrhic Kromrok is recommended piston because usually the hands die so fast anyway SoC is not going to get great value.

Fel Lord zakkun is another fight where piston does well. (for me it lets me get an extra starfire in my CA burst while still redotting at the end.)

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