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MW evaluation

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Hello all, I recently switch from brewmaster to mistweaver for my group, and I was wondering what I could do better to improve my over all healling, I fell like I am not getting enough out of the mistweaver, and I could be doing more. I will post warcraftlogs as soon as their site comes back up.


Mr.Robot Logs:



Warcraft Logs:



Armory Link:



I know my gear still needs a little work. 


Thanks in advance. 

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Well, your gear it's good, but you need other trinkets soon.

My main is a MW so this is what I use and mostly do.





Mr Robot:


(Don't have any encounters saved sry)


Ok first, I know Uplift is the most important skill for medium/high damage AOE, and most of HFC encounters need a lot of it. But you must focus first on keeping Soothing Mist up (mostly on the tank) while mainting at least 2-3 Chi. To keep the Chi like that I use Renewing Mist first on a tank (doesn't matter if it has a HoT already up or halfway to clear) then on the other tank or a dps who might receive some damage, that will help you get some heal up if there's low damage with Uplift.

 The second is, always use Enveloping Mist on targets who are soaking a lot of damage, thats why you keep 2-3 Chi always. With it you can choose between Uplift for 3+ gettin damage or Enveloping Mist for 1-2 who recieve a high damage.

 To get the most of this way of healing you must know the fight damage spikes to be prepared before the damage spike starts.


For really high AOE damage I don't rely on Revival, I use this combo. 

Charge 4 Chi's using the 3 charges of Renewing Mist to spread it, first on tanks (They need Extend Life the most) then on someone who might receive more damage (DoT or something) I don't use the Power Strike charge yet, then when the damage comes I use 2 Uplift's then Expel Harm and get 2 Chi and use the 3rd Uplift.

This is more effective than relying on Revival, because you might need it on emergency cases, being the strogenst instant AOE Heal in the game right now.


IMPORTANT: Mana Tea Glyph! Why? Because its and INSTANT mana regen with a moderated cooldown, you don't need to stop casting more than 1 sec to regen mana, Always and only use it with 2+ charges on the Tea to get the most of it, and always use it, even if ur almost full mana and have 4+ charges. It allows you to keep the mana up on long fights and use it even during high damage periods without losing healing.


MORE IMPORTANT: Chi Torpedo it's a good talent but it takes more tan 5 seconds to use all 3 charges and you can't do anything else during that time. Rushing Jade Wind it's a better (though dangerous) talent, it pulls more AOE healing, you don't need to move at all if you're close to your raid or stacked, and you cant keep casting Soothing Mist/Uplift/Enveliping Mist with it active. NEVER abuse it if you're going to use this talent, you will run put of mana in no time.


This is the way I heal most encounters, I change talents and rotation depending on the boss fight, thats why you must know when and why change talent, for examble. fights with a lot of adds and no stack, you can use Xuen talent, it helps more than others, or even Chi torpedo if the'res a lot of movement but no stacking. Mostly I use Chi Burst (Hadouken) because it pulls far more AOE heal than Chi wave single target. I combine it with the High AOE Damage Rotation. Most of the fights I'm the main Heal so I can't switch to Fistweaving so I don't use it much (it sucks really and I hate Blizzard for that)


I hope this helps, keep stacking multistrike, get some other trinkets (even pvp helps) Im at your service if you need in-game advice Kewiwawa-Ragnaros /

Battletag: ZavatyKewi#1638


I love the MW because you have many ways to use it, once you master it you can use many methods to heal.


And lastly Touch of Death helps a lot when the boss needs a little push.

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I would caution the use of mana tea glyph.

Whilst it does make it instant it does limit the maximum regen you can achieve as the 10 sec cd can cause you to not be able to regen more when its needed. Being able to channel 10 seconds in one go in downtime to go to near full mana from empty is better imo than the instant through the course of a fight.

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Don't use the mana tea glyph! Being limited to only using 2 stacks at a time is terrible, you need to be able to drink as much as you want when there is low damage intake so that you don't need to waste globals drinking when there is actually something to heal.


Soothing Mist is overrated. Only using it a handful of times during an encounter is perfectly normal. When your raid is taking damage alternate between chi building and chi spending abilities. If the raid damage is so low that you're spamming Soothing Mist, go fistweaving instead to do much cheaper healing while contributing with some damage. Soothing Mist is only good when used in conjunction with Surging Mist or Enveloping Mist.

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