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So recently i'we inquired a more frequent taste for CMs, iwe been doing them on multiple characters and understand how to play most roles in CMs, due to having played those classes longer, but one i haven't yet grasped is Druid.


My question is Which Druid DPS spec is ussually better for CMs?


I know how to play both Feral and Balance, but just don't know which one is better at 630 item level and brings more to the table in CMs.


I also want to ask What talents and Stat priority should i have for which ever spec might be better?


Cause from what i remember, there are cases in which the usual stat priority can change, based on the item level, correct me if i'm wrong.


Thanks in advance.

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They're both viable. Feral does better damage in general at low item levels, and is more mobile, but the burst capability of Balance, ability to hit scattered mobs with Starfall and easier access to utility abilities are points in the owlbeast's favor. Either way, you bring a battle res, so you just need a Mage or Shaman for Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp, and an overpowered DK tank, and you're basically set.


I'm not aware of any changes that need to be made to the stat priority or talents for CM's.. that being Inc/Euphoria for Balance and Inc/BT for Feral.

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