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Rerolled mage, how much damage should I be dealing?

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Check on Ask Mr Robot (Combat logs -> Statistics). Pick the boss, and use the sliding bar at the top to set your iLvl, and it will show you the dps for that fight on different specs. If you choose the 50th percentile it will show you the median dps that a frost mage (or any other class) does on that fight.  


For example, this is a 682 on Gorefiend heroic, 50th percentile:



Alternatively set up Ask Mr Robot addon to upload your logs, and then each week you can just go to your page and you'll see how you did compared to everyone else (e.g. it will tell you what percentile you're in for dps at that ilevel, dps as an arcane mage, and dps against other same-spec mages with same-ilvl which is a great way to see how you measure up against other mages.) 

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