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I'm currently worried that my Mastery is a little bit too low: Armory Link


I used to have Rugged Stoneshaped Pauldrons, Hand Loader Gauntlets, Bloody Berserker's Bracers and 715 crafted Haste/Mastery legs, but then I got the Set shoulders, hands and legs. As soon as I get the set chest piece, I will start using 715 crafted Haste/Mastery legs again.


So my main question, is it worth prioritising the 4 set at the expense of around 20% Mastery?

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Your Mastery is definitely not low for the type of content you are raiding.


I found some of your logs and can see that you were 4-healing 18-man Normal HFC. This is quite an overhealing and stacking more and more Mastery wouldn't do any good if your raid almost never drops under 60% of HP.

Your gear is fine, 4-p bonus is better for overall healing than breaking it for additional Mastery.

Don't worry, you will get it much higher just switching your gear from Normal version to Heroic with time.


Here is my Armory for the reference and the only reason I didn't switch some pieces to Haste is because we started to raid Mythic where Mastery really matters.

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Thanks for your reply, Pandacho.


Most of the time we go 2/3/9 or 10 and I never tend to have any issues with mana or hps etc. I was just worried that as we are pushing hc progress, that my lack of mastery would affect my ability to keep the raid alive. I'll definitely keep the 4 set and try work a little more mastery into my off pieces.


In terms of logs, our main tank usually does them via Mr Robot when he can remember.

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