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Another "needs help" thread

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Raiding with a 12/13H HFC guild and am disappointed with my quality of play now that my gear level/quality is peaking at close to best-in-current-content. I'm running Assassination/Combat presently, as my initial attempts at Sub were sloppy. Here is a log from last night's HM Mannoroth kill (our second kill overall)


I recently switched trinkets around as AMR was recommending a different setup than that I had noticed in other Rogue logs. Looking at some logs AMR calls comparable, it looks like I'm still coming up short on # of Mutilate/Envenoms as well as some HUGE Capacitor procs presumably from the opener. Regardless, I'm grading as an embarrassingly low percentile Rogue and am looking for some practiced eyes to hopefully find some areas I can improve. Thanks in advance.

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Without the more detailed logs from a site like Warcraftlogs, it's difficult to look at exact details.


The first thing I'm noticing though, is that your Envenom buff uptime is very very low. With the 4pc and class trinket, you should be able to keep nearly 100% uptime on that. Also, reaching 100% uptime is very crucial, because that's your source for energy regeneration

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