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Path of Exile

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Anyone else play this game (that happens to be free)? It is absolutely phenomanal in my opinion.

I played a LOT of Diablo 1. I played a gazillion hours of Diablo 2. My "can't wait" meter was off the charts for Diablo 3. While D3 isn't as bad as some people would make it out to be, it certainly didn't come close to meeting my expectations. Path of Exile is what D3 should have been (for better or worse). A couple interesting points:

Currency: No. There's no gold to pick up. Instead, PoE's currency comes in the form of various Orbs. Different Orbs perform different functions, more often than not, modifying gear in various ways. They're also used to "buy" items from other players, thus, called the "Currency" of the game.

Skill Tree/Class Customization: 6 Classes that all use the same skill "tree". Sometimes called the "skill web". Seriously, look at this thing:


That's 1350 choices. 1350! No full respecs, old school D2 style. You can backtrack a point here or there for free, but the ability to redo a lot of choices will cost you. "Each classes uses the same tree?" you ask? Yes. They simply start at different locations on it.

Spell/Ability Customization: No matter what class you are, you are capable of casting any spell because all spells are acquired through gems that are placed in sockets of your gear. Some will completely change a characters playstyle. There are active gems (your used abilities), aura gems (buffs), and support gems that augment or change how the connected gems act.

End-Game: Basically stealing the idea from Torchlight, PoE uses items called Maps which open special dungeons when you don't feel like continually farming the same zone over and over and over.

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I didn't know this game was already released, I'll definitely try it out. I've seen a couple of previews and like you said: it does so many things right that diablo 3 did wrong. I for one liked diablo 3, so if this one is anywhere near it, it should be right up my alley. Now I just have to decide what class to play, that's always the most difficult part for me.

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