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Good Evening,

I just recently switched to destro and i am finding that i like the play style best, however i don't see a in depth "tips and quirks" for it like there is for affliction (maybe i just missed it). On that note i have a few questions:

1. Is there a haste minimum or cap that i want to be at...Mastery Cap?

2. Can you cast Havoc on your main target and have your spells hit it twice (sorry this maybe silly but it doesn't really specify on the tooltip, it just says the spell will also hit this target)

3. Should i be casting Chaos bolt whenever i have a ember ready and backdraft isn't up or just cast 1 when i am full of embers and save the rest for shadowburn to spam?



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There is another post in the warlock forum "Zagam goes Destruction" that has a lot of very helpful and in depth info on the destruction spec. To answer the last two off the top of my head: 1 havoc only works with two target. 2 its better to pool your embers(careful not to completely cap) and cast CB when you have a cd available or a powerful trinket proc and only use your backdraft with incinerate.

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